Monday, March 2, 2015

March 18, 1967 The Same Thing, The Water Pipes, The Little Story and The Philosophy of Education Society

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"There really isn't much news this week. We all seem to do the same thing and stay too busy. B has been out to eat more this week than he's been at home and I went to one luncheon. There have been so many visitors on campus because they are interviewing people for new jobs.

Ann has some warts on the bottom of her feet and the doctor has started treating them so her feet are a little sore today. She's afraid they'll still be sore in New Orleans but I think they'll be all right when she's been on them awhile even today.

She's going to play for a group of high school visitors today at noon.

I hope you got the water pipes fixed. That could really be upsetting to hear all of that water pouring.

Our new minister seems real fine. Last Sunday was his first day. He preached the sermon & B did the rest of the service and I thought it was real nice, of course. After church there was a little coffee so people could speak to the minister & his wife because most of the people had never even seen him. A committee hired him. Their children weren't with them but they have a girl Ann's age and a younger boy.

We all like your little story. It sounds like some in the Readers' Digest.

Daddy's birdhouses sound nice. I still have only one coat of paint on the spice rack he made for me. One of these days I'll get it done. I have it in the kitchen but don't want jars on it until I get it done.

I still don't have the hem in my dress but did get a cotton jumper made for Ann. It is quilted so the seams have to be flat-felled & that is so slow. It is real cute and she looks so good in yellow.

We still plan to leave right after church tomorrow. We will be at the Hotel Monteleone with the Philosophy of Education Society on Tuesday & Wednesday then be home Thurs. about 5:00.  I wish we had more time. Toni & her children are going to visit friends in Bull Shoals, Arkansas. That will be nice for them.

Hope you both are fine. I wish we could come home for a short visit but there isn't any chance."




  1. Seems such a distance away from my parents and grandparents lives. Interesting how all of our everyday lives are often quite different.

    1. Many readers have said similar things and many have said how much they are reminded of their own midwest American upbringing. You are absolutely correct that it is very interesting how everyday life can vary. I would love for you to share the differences with me sometime. That would be fascinating.Thanks so much for commenting. I do appreciate it a lot!


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