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March 11, 1967 The Weatherman, The New Dorm, The Cat, The Kitten and The Whipped Cream

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"At last we have a nice day. The temperature is almost up to 60º but the weatherman has to spoil it by saying it will rain or snow tomorrow. Yesterday was nice but windy and people were outdoors in sweaters.

B and Ann are both gone for the day. B has an all-day meeting on school business and Ann has gone to Decatur with a bus or two of kids to a music contest. She is playing for some of the soloists.

The new dorm will be called Watterson Towers and is really two tall towers (27 stories, I think) plus a food center. The towers will be divided into living areas for groups of students--making it more like a house. They will be the tallest dormitories in the state.

I told Lynn that she should plan to live one semester in them and I really think she should. She is majoring in Special Education at I.S.U. but lives at home. The boys will probably go there, too. David is in Ann's class so has one more year in high school and Bill has two more.

B enjoyed his trip to Maryville--especially since he met several fellows he'd known in school. Do you remember Mr. Green, our band teacher in high school who walked with a cane? His brother was there but B had met him before. Maryville is not far from Kansas City so B flew there & a school car met him.

I'm real sorry about Daddy's cat. They are a lot of company but our kitten sure gets on my nerves and I wish we didn't have him. But Ann thinks it's the greatest thing ever. It is a male. B gave me a beautiful azalea for my birthday and I have to watch the cat or shut the study door. It eats the blossoms off or digs in the dirt and it picks on my Christmas cactus until I'm going to have to take it up to Bob's room, I guess. The cat bites off a piece and then carries it around to play with.

If all goes well we are going to start to New Orleans after church on Palm Sunday. B has a meeting that week so we'll drive down and all of us go. Ann, of course, has to play for church so we'll try to get as far as Memphis that day. We have to be back by Thursday evening for a communion service so the trip is awfully short. At least, we'll be getting out of town and it will be a change.

I have been working on the hemstitching all week but am not half done yet. It is so slow and hard on the eyes.

I cut a whipped cream dress for myself and got a little done on it, but I wasn't in the mood to sew.

Hope you both are fine."

                             Lots of love,


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