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June 24, 1967 The Work, The Apples, The Rhubarb Crisp, The Leafless Tree and The Weeds

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I'm completely out of ink but I thought I'd write anyway. I've been working in the yard and came in to cool off. The sun is pretty hot today but it has been real nice and we've had a good rain.

We haven't set out the tree yet because we still can't tell whether it's going to live. The leaves are still drying up and dropping off. If it does live, it will be practically leafless.

The green apples sure make good pies. I made two big ones and still have some applesauce. I cooked the beets with butter and they are all gone.

Ann sliced two big onions last night and had most of them on her hamburger. She was giving an organ lesson, too, but didn't care. I told her she had better sit on another bench away from the organ. She has gone to the store for brown sugar so I can make a rhubarb crisp. I've never made it but one of my friends makes it and gave me the recipe. I'll try to remember to send it to you.

We were glad to have your letter this week as usual. I'm glad Rosalyn looked better. Sally said she was going to spend a lot of time there this week.

Ann had a real good time at Girls State and has written a little article about it for the Normal paper. So many of her friends are away this summer I wish she was going to summer school. Polly is taking art but still has time to come over here. Her mother is going to summer school in Urbana. She works at ISU now and has to keep going to school for more hours to keep the job. She has a Master's degree and Polly thinks she will keep going to her Doctorate a little at a time.

Well, it's Saturday and I have ink today. B is at the office and Ann's getting ready to go to the church. She has to practice with a soloist for tomorrow. They don't have a regular choir in the summer but have special music every Sunday. The choir members take turns. Ann has to go to the foot doctor, too. I sent a note to Girls' State with Ann for fear they wouldn't let her stay. They are real strict about Athletes feet and I didn't want them to think she had that.

We had a letter from Pat (Bob's friend) yesterday. She said Atlanta was really hot but she was working.

The geranium and the rubber plant both look real nice. I'm going to keep them inside. Every time I put a plant outside it seems to cook and then takes all winter to recover. The grass and the weeds have really been growing since we've had the rain.

I had a permanent Monday and it is sure curly but maybe it will soften up after my shampoo this morning. It won't take long for it to grow out anyway.

Hope you both are fine."

                           Lots of love,


NOTE: I didn't mind writing a little article for the paper, but I had to present it at a local D.A.R. meeting (Daughters of the American Revolution) and that wasn't as much fun as the experience itself.
This is the clipping included in the letter.

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