Sunday, March 15, 2015

June 11, 1967 The Graduation, The Airport, The Kitten and The Permanent

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Today is graduation and it is turning out to be a nice day even if it did look as if it would pour rain any minute when we got up. The sun is out and I hope it stays out until all the students and their parents are out of town. I didn't go to the graduation but will go to the Alumni luncheon at noon.

B is making the talk. It is always a nice affair but I'm so tired I'm not very enthusiastic about going this time. We have to go out for dinner tonight, too.

High School graduation was last night but we didn't go because there wasn't seating room in the auditorium except for families. Ann went and was a marshal.

Dad's snapshot
Bob and Patty left at 7:30 yesterday morning. It hardly seems that they were here at all and we really didn't see much of them or have much time to visit. A lot of Bob's classmates were home from school so they were in and out. B and I drove to Chicago right after lunch Tuesday to meet them but they were flying on student rates so they didn't get a very early plane and we had eaten our supper before they finally came in. We watched every flight in from Washington all afternoon. The airport is one of the most interesting places in the world so the time went fast.

Our minister was installed Sunday and we went to that service but didn't stay for the reception because we had to go to another one.

Ann has been to the foot doctor again this morning. He says her feet are about well but is giving her some vitamins. She's been so busy it's hard to keep up with her but I guess it is a good thing.

Her kitten has been gone a week now and we can't find a sign of him. People have told her that he'll come back but I'm beginning to doubt it now. I don't want her to have another one and she hasn't mentioned it. She is real glad school is out and I am, too. She plans to continue taking organ lessons all summer but not piano. Her church job goes on, of course and she gives the minister's wife an organ lesson every week. I think she plans to go to chorus all summer, too. They don't have to enroll in summer school to do that.

My hair needs a permanent so badly I've had to roll it up three times this week. B called me at teenager. Maybe I'll have more time next week & can get something done with it.

I must stop & get dressed. It's almost time to go."



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