Wednesday, March 18, 2015

July 8, 1967 The Black Voile, The New Interstate, The Fourth and The Cucumbers

Dear Mother & Daddy,         Saturday Evening

"I finished a dress this morning and we went to Peoria this afternoon so I'm late. I think I told you I had cut out a black voile dress. It didn't take long to make it once I started sewing and it looks pretty nice.

The earpiece kept coming off my glasses because a screw wouldn't stay in so we drove to Peoria and had them fixed in about five minutes. It is easy to get there now that the new interstate highway is finished. We looked around a bit and I bought a black slip to wear with the voile dress. I hope it is shadow-proof.

We are going to a dinner at school tomorrow evening. The governing board and their wives will be here so it will be sort of special--especially since some of them have just been appointed by the governor. This board has to approve everything the school does.

We didn't do much on the Fourth. It was real quiet around here until evening. We could hear part of the fireworks in the park but we didn't go out. It was real cold. Lots of the students were at home since they had gone to class on the Saturday before in order to have Monday off. It made a nice weekend.

On the third we went to Chicago and Ann had a great day. She had saved her last paycheck for the trip and spent it all on fall clothes for school. She got two skirts and sweaters that matched and some shoes. We bought her some music and she came home real happy. She does love clothes! When we got home she spread them all out on the living room floor and just looked & looked at them. I guess that is as good a way to spend her money as any way. There were lots of sales going on but I didn't buy anything except a white purse.

Chicago was full of Lions Club families. They had a convention on Wednesday but a waitress said 35,000 were already there on Monday. Hundreds of them were wearing bright green vests with a big seal on the back so you knew they were Lions.

I, too, wish I had some of your cucumbers. They are still 15¢ in the stores here and aren't too good. I haven't bought any in quite a while. We gave 29¢ a lb. for tomatoes this week and lettuce is 39¢ a head & up. The girl next door brings me lettuce out of her garden and it's lots better anyway.

We have a new book about the Chinese people and it is real interesting. We have ordered a History of the Jews which I think will be good, too. I don't care much for fiction.

We had a letter from Bob today. He was planning to visit in Washington this weekend with his roommate's family. He says he's taken a lot of short trips and the car is fine. It has needed only one quart of oil. He is planning to drive by Atlanta to see Pat (his girl) on his way home in August.

This pen is a mess. Hope you can read this."



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