Saturday, March 21, 2015

July 30, 1967 The Cherry Tomato, The Beautiful Day, The Holiday Inn, The High School Play and The First Few Days

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Your tomatoes really sound good. They are terribly high in the store but are field grown, of course. The man we buy from hasn't advertised yet but he should be having ripe ones soon. I have one cherry tomato almost ready to pick on the plants I put out. Friends have been giving us cucumbers and they are so crisp and good. I think I'd forgotten how good a fresh one can be.

This has been a beautiful day and everything is green again after a big rain last week. The lawn was quite brown but B had to mow it yesterday and it looks nice.

B has had a week of his vacation but he's worked so hard it didn't seem much like a vacation. He cleaned out the basement and painted the walls in the furnace room. It does look clean and he sure got rid of a lot of junk--old paint cans and such.

Bob called last night to tell us how to find him when we get to Williamsburg. We had a letter from him but it takes so long for mail to get here he was afraid we'd not have it on time. He sounded fine and said the garage had done a real good job on the car. The insurance covered it all. We will leave here Monday morning and plan to get to the Holiday Inn in Williamsburg on Wednesday. We'll be there until sometime Friday and then drive down to Cape Hatteras for the weekend. We'll take Bob back to Williamsburg and be home by Wed. or Thursday. We'll write cards along the way as we can.

Here it is Sunday morning and almost time for Sunday School. We went to the high school play last night and after I started this, one thing happened after another until I never did get it finished. I washed and cleaned yesterday and had some company for awhile so the day went fast.

I hope Daddy's stings are all right now. That must have hurt something awful and is very dangerous. He'd just better leave the peaches to rot as to get into something like that.

That sausage sounds good. One little piece would do for me but B just loves it and we can't buy very good sausage. Pork just doesn't keep very well and the sausage you buy always tastes half rancid.

I had a nice letter from Beulah this week. I'm so glad Jerry will be going back to Columbia. His experience at Bolivar was good for him, though. Sometimes kids just have to try things out.

Do you ever hear from Maxine? Her little girl is sure pretty, but Maxine was pretty, too.

We are going to a reception today for some faculty friends who are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. They have been retired a long time but we see them once in awhile.

I'm going to a teachers' meeting at the church tonight. We are selecting some new materials and a woman is demonstrating some nursery materials tonight. Meetings and such go on during vacation unless we leave town. The first few days B was home it was so nice and quiet because people thought we had left town. Then the phone and doorbell started ringing.

I'd better stop and get some things done so bye for now."

                         Lots of love,


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