Saturday, March 28, 2015

August 25, 1967 The Birthday, The Cool Weather, The Awful Smell and The Boredom

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Sunday is your birthday and we hope it will be a wonderful day for both of you.

I have tried my best to think of something you might like to have but finally gave up and am just sending you some money. Buy you something you want.

We are still having wonderful weather and haven't even used the air conditioner. I like to have the house open and I have been thankful for the cool weather because I've done some dirty jobs this week.

One day I cleaned the hall carpet with Glamorene and that smells so awful I opened the doors and windows wide. Then I washed the bathroom walls upstairs. Yesterday I worked in the yard cutting out a huge multiflora rose. B and our neighbor finished the job after supper because it was so big. When I planted it several years ago I thought it was a yellow rose but it was just a plain multiflora and it just about took things. There's an awful hole now in the bushes but something else can grow there now.

Ann is still asleep. She's awfully bored and said she'd be glad when school starts. It won't be long--Sept. 10, I think.

How is your back, Mother? Did you fall again or lift something wrong? I hope it is better by now.

This isn't much of a letter but there isn't much to write. Hope you both are fine and that Sunday will be a nice day."

                  Lots of love,


NOTE: Glamorene smelled awful! See an earlier post about Mom's discovery of the "new" Glamorene in 1952:

And for a fun video ad:  

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