Monday, March 9, 2015

April 29, 1967 The Garbage Men, The Beautiful Day, The Blessed Spot and The Holiday Inn

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I've been running up & down stairs so much this morning that my legs are beginning to complain so I'll rest a bit. This is clean-up day in Normal & the garbage men will haul away junk so I've been getting rid of magazines & junk that has accumulated in the basement. At least we hauled it out to the curb and we hope they get it. We even have the innards of the old refrigerator out there. The boys took it apart and wanted to make a fish tank (which they never did) out of the inside.

I'm washing, too. I've tried to keep the laundry done this week but it is impossible. How three people dirty so many things is beyond me.

Today is a beautiful day but still a bit cool. It has been cold and we had a blanket of wet snow Sunday. It was snowing hard when we left Chicago Sunday and it kept up until we were almost home. Everything at home was covered, too.

We didn't do anything special on B's birthday because he had school meetings even that evening. We did go to Larsen's for dinner Tuesday evening, though. Your package got here Monday afternoon & it was like Christmas. B liked the shirt & sox very much (and has worn both) and the rest of us were happily surprised. I had been wanting a long scarf & I can always use a new apron. Ann was real pleased with the hankies & I put them in a drawer to save for college. I'll take Bob's to him next week. I know he can use them.

He sounded tired in his letter this week, but wants us to bring his fishing poles & tackle. Everyone seems to get tired & anxious for school to be out this time of the year. He still hasn't heard about his summer job but I hope he gets it.

No, the tornadoes didn't come here but there are times when I feel that we live in a blessed spot for they dip all around. I think the area around Rockford & northwest Chicago is in an alley that attracts the storms. There have been so many terrible ones up that way. They seem to follow a river that's up there.

I gave up on my sewing for I simply didn't have time to do it. I spent yesterday morning looking for a dress downtown but I can't find a thing that fits me. I've been cooking things for Ann & the student to eat while we're gone. I freeze it & they can just thaw it & heat it.

Maybe you'll still sell part of your land. It would make a beautiful park or bird sanctuary. Sell it to the Garden Club. You certainly don't need it all.


Well, I'll try again. it is pouring rain and acts as if it will keep on the rest of the day. I have been to a faculty women's brunch. Ann spent the morning practicing at the church and B started to mow the lawn, but got rained out. He says the grass will really be tall when we get back if it turns warm next week. He wants to have the oil changed in the car, too, but it isn't very nice to be out when it's raining so hard.

Ann has been selected to go to Girls' State the week after school is out. The American Legion post selects a girl & pays the expenses.

The girls set up a state government and operate it for a week. It is a mock gov't. of course but they go thru all the motions and it is practice in running the state. There will be 500 girls from all over Illinois and they will go to McMurray College in Jacksonville for this.

If you need us while we are away you can find us. From Tuesday, May 3 to mid-afternoon Thursday, May 5 we will be traveling. The State Police could find us. Our car is a 1964 lt. brown Buick LaSabre with Ill. license number FB4020. From Thursday afternoon to about noon Sunday, May 7, we'll be at the Holiday Inn in Williamsburg, Virginia, telephone Area 703-229-5060. If we shouldn't be in the motel you could leave a message & we could call back.

We'll try to write some cards but won't get our usual letter written. We'll start home Sunday afternoon & plan to be back in Normal late Monday afternoon.

Hope you both are fine and stay that way."

                      Lots of love,


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