Sunday, March 8, 2015

April 23, 1967 The Art Show, The Luncheon, The Dresses, The Fruit Trees and The Loud Suit

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"This has been one of those weeks when there hasn't been time to think.  Ann is ready to go to church but we are going to Chicago to an art show with some friends. We promised to go a long time ago but now that the day is here we wish we weren't going to be gone. Things seem to pile up so fast.

Helen Brown & I had a luncheon Tuesday for 18 and I'm glad that's over. We aren't going to do any more now for a long time.

Thursday night we went to the dinner for retiring teachers. That is always a nice affair. I think there are 11 retiring & their total years of teaching was over 300 years.

I am trying to make some dresses to take to Williamsburg. We think it will be hot there so it is sort of a problem because it is cold here. I'm making two whipped cream dresses & hope they'll do for most any kind of weather. Bob wants us to bring Ann so badly but it's out of the question this time.

Our yard is so pretty now. The fruit trees are in bloom all around and our tulips are out. There are violets everywhere & I have a clump of wild bluebells that are blooming, too. The iris are full of grass so I don't know what they'll do for I can't find time to pull it out. The iris weren't any good last year, at all.

I wore my loud suit to the faculty dinner & had several compliments on it. It looked pretty far out but real nice. It is the sort of thing I won't wear too often, though.

The church organ is done now.  I went with Ann to practice a long time yesterday afternoon. She does well on it but will do better as she learns all the combinations she can get out of it.

I'd guess I'd better stop for our ride will be here any minute & I want Ann to mail this."

                    Lots of love,



  1. Far out was certainly the catch phrase of that era. But I never expected to hear Mom say it!

    Bob K

  2. That's a lot of teaching......the images are interesting again, I like the multi-legged lady! I thought "loud suit" was a British expression.

    1. Mom used the term "loud" when referring to bright, colorful or wild fabrics:-) I know you like color!


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