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April 16, 1967 The Kids, The Anniversary Card, The Finished Suit, The Walking and The Red Carpet

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"The day is gone but I'll write a bit anyway so we can mail it on the way to church. Things have been sort of hectic today with all of us gone most of the day. Ann went to a convention (Future Business Leaders of America) in Springfield yesterday & didn't get home till late afternoon. B took a carload of kids to Springfield yesterday & went back after them today. Ann was worn out when she got home but we went to the church to check on the organ. It still isn't done but probably will be by next Sunday. The kids don't sleep much when they go to these affairs and there were 900 of them there from all over the state. Ann said it was awfully disorganized and she won't want to go again.

I went to an all day writers' workshop today, too. I'd much rather have gone to Springfield with B but had promised to come so had to.

Thank you for the nice anniversary card. We didn't do a thing special or even have any presents because we are actually going to go see Bob & that's enough present for both of us. We have all the plans made now and if nothing happens we'll leave here on Tuesday, May 2 & get back on Monday, May 8. B will take a week of his vacation time to do it. We have a college girl coming to stay here with Ann. They know one another at church and she is real nice.

I finally got my suit finished but haven't worn it yet. It looks right pretty. Now, I want to make a dress or two before our trip. There are so many things coming up at school, though, I don't know when I'm going to get it done.

I have started playing golf on Wed. mornings and I suppose I could use that time to sew but the phone would be ringing anyway. The walking makes me feel a lot better so I'll go every chance I have. It was blue cold this week but I put on a lot of clothes and it was wonderful. The course is just beautiful in the morning--so fresh & green. There were 2 duck eggs near the lake & the ducks scolded us when we stopped to look at them.

I went to As You Like It on Thursday & the book review was real interesting--Red Carpet at the White House by Buchanan. He was chief protocol officer for Eisenhower. You would enjoy this book, I'm sure.

We were interested in the clipping on Parsons. There is an article in the new Time about it too & B had heard rumors of it a few weeks ago. They're in real trouble if they don't get busy.

I'm glad you liked the purse. I got the black one because I thought you'd use it more than you would any other color.

I found another quilt pattern. Wouldn't this be pretty in old fashioned calico prints? I'll also try to put in a scrap of my suit. It is late now, though & I have to teach Sunday School tomorrow so will say goodnight."

                       Lots of love,


NOTES: To learn more about the "rise and fall" of Parsons College, use the link and scroll down to the section which begins By 1964...

I don't recall ever seeing the Buchanan book. The one pictured above is available on eBay.

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