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April 1, 1967 The Bees, The Hungry People, The Card, The Lawyer and Anthony Eden

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Spring has finally come, I guess, and the grass is so green & pretty I'd like to just stand in the window to look at it. The pussy willow is blooming too but it's pouring rain today. When the sun comes out the bees will swarm around it. We got the yard raked just in time.

I had As You Like It Club here Thursday and it was a gorgeous day. I had the doors open and didn't need a bit of heat all day. I served a salad made with jello, peaches, cottage cheese and dream whip. It isn't sickly sweet like lots of desserts.

Easter Sunday was a busy day. Ann had to play at 7:00 and then again at 10:30 but she came home in time to have breakfast with us. Then she took us to church before she went back. I was a Deaconess & B an Elder so we had extra work to do. There has been a short coffee hour immediately after church so people can talk to our new minister but by the time we get the communion glasses washed it is practically over. We had a warmed over Easter dinner because it was late when we got home but no one cared.

B is so tired he can hardly think. He has been to a meeting almost every night this week. They have had a lot of them at noontime and he went to the office after supper again last night to catch up on some work. He's been there all day today, too.

We have potluck here tonight and maybe that will give him a little rest. At least, he can't go to school & work.

This dairy strike has bothered me. It makes me sick to think of the hungry people and milk being poured down drains & ditches. I don't know who is right or wrong but that's bad. It seems that the milk could be given to someone, but maybe not.

Bob should be coming home from the Bahamas today at the latest. We had a card from Florida before they went over. It reminded me of the card he wrote from Boy Scout camp the first time he went. That time he wrote, "Dear Mom & Dad, We had to write home before we could eat. Love, Bob" This time he wrote, "Dived down 50 ft. into a cave today. Love, Bob".  At least, we knew he made it back up.

We didn't hear the assassination mentioned in New Orleans. We went by the court house on our way to the hotel & wouldn't even have notice it if we hadn't known what has been going on. That lawyer must have something to go on or he couldn't do all of this.

Your quilt sounds real pretty. Anything green is pretty to me. I haven't done any handwork except that tablecloth in a long time. I have sewing to do now that it is getting warm. Ann thinks she hasn't a thing to wear.

Yes, we and several other thousand people went to hear Anthony Eden. He was very good and got a standing ovation when he came in and when he finished his speech. He & his wife were here in town from Saturday to Thursday. He showed up at a pep rally at school for our basketball team that had gone to the national tournament. Then he talked one day with students. I don't think any of this was in the plans but he just seemed to have a good time here. Someone took his wife to the Lincoln sights in Springfield one day, too. Eden's lecture was free to anyone who asked for tickets. I guess lots of people came from other towns. Stevenson's son introduced him because these annual lectures are in memory of Adlai Stevenson. The camera men were poking everywhere even during the talk. I wanted to tell them to sit down & be still.

I do hope Daddy is feeling all right. If he isn't get him to the doctor right now. He can't fool around anymore with any kind of ailment."

                   Lots of love,


NOTES: Use this link to read about the dairy strike if interested:

The "lawyer" mentioned is a reference to District Attorney, Jim Garrison, who was engaged in his own investigation of the Kennedy assassination as a conspiracy.

And finally, additional clippings and flyer in the letter are pictured below:


  1. I found the article and images of Sir Anthony Eden really interesting as, of course, he was our Prime Minister from 1955 - 1957.

  2. He was a special visitor to the university and was very enthusiastically welcomed.


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