Saturday, February 7, 2015

September 26, 1966 The Usual Letter, The Pattern, The Mob and The Raveling

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I didn't write my usual weekend letter since I wrote Thursday but will get back on schedule this weekend. We're all fine and happy that Daddy is getting better every day. Buddy called Saturday after talking to you and said you had had a real good day. Is the Dr. still giving the antibiotics? Lots of water and lots of rest have to go with those things.

Since I came home I haven't done anything much except sew and loaf around. I got that suit done and wore it. I've used the pattern before but had forgotten how much work is on it. It belongs to Helen Brown and I told her to never let me borrow it again. It looks nice though, and I'm glad I made it even if it did take so long.

We went to church yesterday and then to two teas in the afternoon. One was for all the new faculty and I've never seen such a mob. They would never have missed us if we'd stayed at home.

My knit suit I'm making didn't look to suit me so I raveled out some of it and am making the jacket a little different. It shouldn't take too long to finish it.

We haven't heard from Bob but probably will today."

             Lots of love,


"We had a note from Bob today after I wrote this & he is fine, of course.

We also had your letter. I'm always glad to hear from you but don't feel that you have to write every day. That is just one more chore for you and as long as things are getting better I won't worry."

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