Friday, February 6, 2015

September 22, 1966 The Letter, The Pajamas, The First Meeting and The Lunch

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I had your letter a few minutes ago and am glad you're getting along all right. I have thought of you constantly and was relieved to have the letter.

Daddy is trying to get up too soon and I think he'd just better keep those pajamas on and stay in bed for a few more days. It takes more energy than one thinks to dress and even sit around and his body can't spare the energy now. I know he feels better dressed but he sits up too much when he is dressed so get back in bed, Daddy.  He's got to lick that infection & he's making it harder by not staying quiet.

This is a beautiful day. B wants me to look over the outside of the house with him at noon to see that the workmen didn't skip any places. The house looks real pretty but the shutters aren't on yet. They had to be ordered and haven't come.

It took me all day to get home, Tuesday. The wait between buses in St. Louis was over 2 hrs. so I had a long sit. It was about 6:30 when I got home but a friend had brought our dinner so all I had to do was eat.

B & Ann had kept everything pretty neat so I haven't been working very hard and feel pretty much rested.

I am finishing a suit I started early in the summer & am getting tired of it. There is so much detail work on it.

Today was As You Like It Club's first meeting of the year but I didn't want to go. I didn't have any fall clothes ready & they are such a dressy bunch.

It's about lunch time so I'd better find B something to eat. I hope you are getting a bit more rest, Mother. Keep Daddy in bed most of the time for several days more--even if he does quarrel about it."

          Lots of love,




  1. The food looks nice and the pyjamas are really startling!!

    1. Yes, those p.j.'s do look a bit startling:-) The food looks better than it actually did when it was a frozen TV dinner!


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