Monday, February 9, 2015

October 9, 1966 The Church Bell, The Hilly Road, The Full Week and The Little Chair

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"This will be late and I'll have to hurry for I can hear the church bell. The Methodist church still rings a bell & I love to hear it even if it doesn't have a very pretty tone.

William Woods College, 1966

We all went to Fulton yesterday to visit William Woods College and left here at 6:00. Our appointment was 10:30 so we really had to hustle. It was a beautiful drive down there on 54 and the woods are all colors. That road is crooked and hilly so you can't make good time on it. Two other families were visiting yesterday, too.

One of the admissions people talked to us about the school and then all of us ate lunch in the school cafeteria. After lunch a student took us on a tour of the campus and showed us everything. Ann seemed real happy with it all and we certainly enjoyed the day. We came back thru St. Louis and I saw Union Market for the first time in my life. I've always heard you talk about it. We had only about an hour to shop around but Ann got some socks she had been wanting and we got home about 10:00.

I finished Ann's suit Friday evening. I even took it to Quill Club & did the handwork there. It is real cute and she wore it yesterday. It is quilted cotton and doesn't wrinkle much

The whole week was so full I could hardly keep up. I went to 3 meetings and had a writers' workshop here all day Tuesday. The telephone is always a nuisance & rings too much when I'm trying to sew. We went to a program at school one night but left in the middle because B had a lot of work he'd brought home. I think he's beginning to feel that he doesn't have quite so much to do, though.

You should see my little chair. It looks so pretty. I finally gave up trying to find something to inlay for the trimming. Stain hadn't gone down into the track where the old inlay had been so I took a knife & scraped it out as clean as I could. It left that part lighter in color & I just Defted over it. I put two coats on and rubbed it down so it really looks pretty.
The little chair

I'm so glad Daddy can be outside a little. Don't do too much of it at once and soon you'll be your old self again, Daddy.

You should begin to think about when Beulah should make your appointment in Jefferson City. It would be better to do it before the weather gets too wintry.

My little mimosa is still alive but I still have it inside. I'm afraid it will freeze if I put it out now.

I must stop & get ready for church."

                  Lots of love,


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