Wednesday, February 11, 2015

October 22, 1966 The Organ, The Stinker, The Other Side of Peoria and The Washing Machine

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We have had our appointment with the church minister and Ann will start working with them on Nov. 10.  She hopes to get in some practice on the organ before then because it is old and every organ is different, anyway. They also have a new choir director but Ann knows her and she is young so they should get along fine.

Bob writes that he is doing pretty well on grades. The English is the poorest but that has always been the case and he did say that he was one of three in the class that passed one test. The teacher must be a stinker. I think he is working real hard but seems to love it all. He had bought a new suit and I was relieved. We are thankful that he is so saving but I worried about him starting school without many clothes. He really had only a few and wouldn't buy any no matter how much I begged.

I wrote to Mildred this week so I'll be hearing from her one of these days. She always answers my letters.

Last Sunday I went with a bunch of women to a Pen Women tea the other side of Peoria. The new president lives on a farm and we went to her home. The woods are still beautiful although it was a cloudy day. I was given a past president's pin by the group. It is a little gold owl and a very expensive thing. It almost made me feel guilty to take it because it can be worn only at the meetings but every president is given one.

We have had some light frost but no killing freeze yet. B and I are going to rake leaves this afternoon. There are so many and the bottom ones are wet and we're afraid the grass will be killed if we don't do it. Then it will have to be done again in a week or two. Some of the neighbors never rake and they blow across on our yard.

We're getting a new washing machine this afternoon. It just makes us sick to have to do it but the old one went bad this week and it is too costly to repair. The service man didn't think it was too bad at first but when he got into the works it was a big job so they called us before doing anything to it. There are a lot of other places I'd rather put the money but I can't get along very well without a washing machine. The old one was 10 years old and was a good one. We bought another G.E.  Our dryer is going to quit one of these days too, but I hope it waits a little while.

I made Ann a pink flannel dress this week and it turned out real pretty. It rained on my golf day so I got more done than usual.

I'd better stop and get my work clothes on. B will be ready to start working and I want to be ready.

Hope both of you are feeling fine."

                        Lots of love,


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