Sunday, February 8, 2015

October 2, 1966 The Coffee, The Leak, The Shutters, The Antibiotics and The Golf

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It is very late and I hope both of you are sound asleep and resting well. We have had our potluck group here for supper & the evening and they haven't been gone long. It seems to take all day to get ready for them even if I do just have to make coffee.

One of Bob's friends was home for the weekend and came by to visit and that took awhile. Then we had a leak in the bathroom sink and B worked all afternoon on that. It still isn't fixed. He was real aggravated because he planned to paint the garage door. It was a beautiful, but cool afternoon, too.

The house is all done now except the bit of trim painting. The men put the grey shutters on and the aluminum storm windows across the front this week. It looks real pretty.

We had two letters from Bob this week. He likes his roommate real well and thinks school will be interesting but pretty hard this semester.

It will probably take Daddy awhile to get back his strength. The antibiotics seem to sap some people's strength and then too, he was a pretty sick guy. Just keep feeding him good and let him get fat and sassy. Or is he already sassy?

I'm glad Daddy could wear the slippers. We have had them around here for a long time but they were too short for B or Bob.

Are you getting rested more, Mother? Try to let a few things go until you catch up a bit.

I played golf Wednesday morning. The air was crisp and the course is just beautiful now. I should have stayed home and worked but decided long ago that the work will wait--and always be there whether I stay home or not.

I must get to bed so bye for now."

               Lots of love,


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