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October 16, 1966 The Football Game, The Milk and Doughnuts, The Appointment, The Underwear and The Sleeping Bag

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We went to Chicago yesterday and didn't get home till after six. We were due at the football game (it was Dad's Day on campus and we were supposed to be there at 7:00) so I didn't get my letter written. There were a lot of sales going on in Chicago and B got some clothes but we didn't buy much else. I looked for a plain coat but didn't find anything I really wanted and nothing that was a bargain.

Ann didn't go with us because she was taking part in a conference at the High School. She was part of the refreshments committee so had to round up doughnuts & milk and other things. She took my big coffee pot so I have that to clean up but I told her not to wash it because I was afraid they'd put it down in the water like I did your electric skillet one time.

There is a chance Ann will start playing for one of the churches in Bloomington but we haven't talked to the minister yet. His wife called me and we are gong to set up an appointment to see what can be worked out. Ann is working after school every day with the musical the kids are putting on in Nov. so she can't take on anything else until that's over.

We will also have to change her organ lesson for the choir practices that night.  She wants to take the job and we hope she can but we'll have to wait and see what the minister says. It is a Christian Church.

We just knew you'd have a lot of company last Sunday and that's why we didn't come on from Fulton. We really needed to come right back & the trip on to Richland would have been harder, of course but we had talked about it. We knew all of Buddy's were planning to come so decided it would be too many.

I'm so glad Daddy can do a little work on watches now. The days are so long when you can't work. He just mustn't get too tired and musn't let people pile a lot of work on him.

Roger & Marjorie would certainly be biting off a big chunk if they take on one of those big, old houses. The heating alone would be so costly and the upkeep! I love the high ceilings but I'd like to have hired help take care of it for me.

We didn't even drive over to see the church in Fulton. We spent so much time on the Wm.Woods campus that we didn't look at anything else. Ann still talks about the school and doesn't mention any others but she can't even apply until after this year.

Daddy probably has the underwear by now. I just happened to see it on sale in Penney's and thought he could try them. I bought the 42 because they probably will shrink a little and didn't look too big to me although I could have got 40's. Penney's is opening a new, big store in Nov. so they are selling out their stock in Bloomington. They have just odds and ends left now but I guess they had some real bargains at first.

We had a letter from Bob on Monday. He never writes much but said he'd joined the Naturalists Club and they are planning a trip into the mountains so he wanted his boots and the sleeping bag.

Save those cards from the Olon Mills Studio. The next time they come to Bloomington I'll ask about it again. I know they used to come to Richland.

Where had Mrs. Simmons seen Mildred to talk to her? I'll write to Mildred soon. We never write but at Xmas time.

Hope you both are fine today."

                           Lots of love,


NOTE: This is in the Oct. 1966 issue of McCalls and so just for fun, take a look at the video...

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