Sunday, February 15, 2015

November 27, 1966 Doughnuts & Jelly, Chemistry & Calculus and A Turnip Rose

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We made it home fine yesterday but it was about 5:00 when we got here and raining--we didn't get a card written. The people were waiting for us at the Ramada Inn in Waynesville and we were about 5 minutes late since we stopped at Sally's to get the jelly. She had a bag of homemade doughnuts for us, too. There wasn't a lot of traffic but we stopped in St. Louis to do some shopping and stayed about two hours.

I wished I'd had my Christmas list made out and had more time. Ann found her watch. They were on sale too, for $7.88 so it paid her to wait.

It started to rain on us in St. Louis and is still raining but isn't cold. It will probably turn cold now.

Bob's grades were here from the last nine weeks. He had A's in chemistry and calculus and C's in French and English. There was a letter from him, too. He had sold his bicycle, the dorm was having open house (I hope he had his bed made), and talking about his nice English professor. He seems to like all of his professors.

We sure enjoyed being home but I do hope the long day on Friday didn't make Daddy sick. I know you were both awfully tired and I was tired, too.

I made a turnip rose and it turned out pretty well but that's such a bag of turnips I wonder if we'll ever get them used up. They are such a nice size and good, too. Ann & I ate a raw one. Mark was here and had never tasted them so we had him eat some. I don't know how he liked them except he kept saying they tasted like cabbage. We'll probably have baked sweet potatoes tomorrow. The little trees look just fine abut I haven't potted them yet.

You might get Bob a billfold for Xmas. He wears out two or three a year.

Don't buy an expensive one because they don't last any longer than the dime store ones. Get one without a zipper.

I meant to ask you if you wanted me to bring Ann's package with me to save that much trouble and I forgot. She will like that real well. It is such a pretty shade.

I must write to Bob so will say bye for now."

                         Lots of love,



  1. Hi Ann just reading about the 'Turnip Rose' and I am curious to know what that is exactly? I'm guessing it's a decoration carved out of a turnip?

    1. Hi! Yes, it's a garnish made to look like a rose. I have no recollection whatsoever of this, but we typically brought back lots of fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables from my grandparents' garden. Apparently there was a large bag of turnips to use and Mom never wasted anything at all:-)

  2. Bonnie sounds like my Mum because she never wasted anything either. Mum grew up during The Depression.


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