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November 12, 1966 The Heartbreak, The Thrill, The Anniversary Present and The Good Letter

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"The enclosed clipping will explain itself. We are all heartbroken. None of us suspected the seriousness of this attack for he was fine even Sunday. They had company for dinner that night and when he woke up Monday he couldn't breathe very well. They gave him oxygen at the hospital and things went along all right until Tuesday night. Toni stayed with him that night after the Dr. called her back to the hospital around midnight. The funeral was yesterday and we went out to the house last night. Most of the family had gone home. We sat around and talked about the serious events of the last few days then got to remembering the days when we all lived together. All of us were laughing before we left. Toni said she felt better when we left and it made me feel better to see Lynn laugh. She had been having a pretty hard time.

None of us has done much this week. I have tried to do some typing for Ann which is due Tuesday but the telephone rang constantly.

The high school performance of Carousel, the musical, opened last night. Ann came home thrilled with it all. Everything had gone perfectly and they had a full house. We will go see it tonight.

One of Ann's friends from Mason City is here for the weekend so there is a lot of excitement around. There was a party after the performance last night so the girls are sleeping late.

Ann went to her first choir practice Thursday night & will play the first service tomorrow. She did a wonderful job at choir and everyone told her so. The organ has a beautiful tone but it is terribly old and is going to be rebuilt. They are taking it next week. Then she'll have to use the piano or maybe they'll rent an organ. I hope they rent an organ for her because she simply doesn't have the right kind of piano music and would have to work up something extra every week. She has lots of organ music.

If nothing happens we will be home for Thanksgiving. We will leave here after lunch on Wed. so it will be after supper sometime when we get there. We will eat on the way. Don't plan anything big for Thanksgiving because we want to take you and Daddy to Lebanon or Springfield on Friday to have your pictures taken. That will be your anniversary present from us. So get your hair fixed up and both of you rest up so we can have a nice little trip. Maybe there will be some time for a little shopping around, too. We will have to come home on Saturday so Ann can be on the job Sunday.

We had a good letter from Bob this week. He is going home with his roommate for Thanksgiving. Did I tell you he had a different girlfriend? She is a pre-medicine student from New Hampshire and had made the highest grade on the chemistry mid-term tests. Bob had been second. He said, "How humiliating". He is still painting and thinks a gallery might show some of his pictures. I'd sure like to see some of them. The ones he started last year were sure wild and modern.

B is about ready to leave for the office and I want him to take this so bye for now."

                          Lots of love,


NOTE: This was not a week to be forgotten with the profound sense of loss associated with Watty's death, and the highs of the opening night of Carousel for us kids. We all loved Mr. C, our Director, and he loved all of us. Same for Watty.

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