Saturday, February 28, 2015

March 4, 1967 The Fabulous Birthday, The Supper Party, The Azalea and That Cat

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Your birthday letter and money arrived right on my birthday and I appreciate the money but the letter would have been enough. I may buy a platter with it. I broke the one I used so much but haven't even tried to replace it.

My birthday was fabulous and lasted all week. Many more days of it and I think I'd have to go to bed and rest for a few days. Another friend has a birthday on March 1 so there were two parties for us. One was an afternoon get together with a cake and then Faith Larsen had a morning coffee. She had candles on a coffee cake. We just visited and got caught up on the doings of all the children.

I didn't go to church Sunday because I had to get B to the airport about 11:30 and then picked up Ann at her church. There aren't any Sunday busses so transportation is a problem sometimes.

Helen Brown and I had a supper party for some of the teachers Tuesday evening so I was at her house until late helping do the dishes. We had 18 so that's a lot of dishes.

Bob was on the phone when I came in the door so I got to talk to him. I had a letter & brooch from him on Monday so that started my birthday celebration. He is fine and is planning to go with the diving club to the Bahamas during Easter vacation. You remember that we promised him a diving outfit for high school graduation. He wanted to wait for it until he learned what kind to buy. After the scuba lessons he's been having he knows & wants it now.

B didn't get home until real late Wed. night. I went to the airport at the time for the plane but it was so windy they couldn't land and it went right on to Decatur. Our airport is too small. They brought him & a lot of others back to Normal in taxis. He had ordered a plant from the florist & they delivered that Wed. morning which surprised me. It is a beautiful azalea but I have to keep it shut in the study because the cat won't leave it alone. I had some rosebuds in a vase (from one of the parties) and the cat knocked that over & soaked some books.  Hurry Springtime! Then that cat is going outdoors. But I suppose I'll worry myself to death about it until it learns to look out for itself.

The school is naming a new dormitory after Watty so Toni called me one morning and talked a long time. She was so pleased. I see her once-in-awhile but hadn't had a chance to visit with her in a long time.

The pussy willows are beginning to come out. I have some in the house now to see what they'll do but it is real cold outside and I don't see how they could even start to open.

Hope you both are fine."

                                   Lots of love,


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