Monday, February 23, 2015

January 29, 1967 The Blizzard, The Kitten, The Sewing, The Knitting and The Book

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Of course, you know about our blizzard. We had real spring the first of the week, then the tornadoes started whipping around and the rain came in sheets. This turned to sleet and now we're digging out of the snow. It is real cold so it is bound to stay awhile. B got the drive and walk shoveled out yesterday so we can get out. He was afraid the snow might thaw a little & then freeze. We'd have been closed in then, for sure. In the middle of that terrible storm, Ann had to go to a wedding rehearsal. Choir was cancelled but the rehearsal went on and everyone got there. B took her and called me from the church when they got there. He'll have to take her for the wedding tonight, too. A storm like this is interesting when you are inside and warm and looking out but lots of surrounding towns had no electricity, low water supply, and lots of stranded travelers that they took in. The radio station quit broadcasting regular programs Thursday and did nothing but broadcast messages for any situation. School buses were stranded & that took a lot of time to either get them back in town or get the kids in homes somewhere. We didn't even have mail delivered yesterday and that's something.

Blizzard of '67 from our front yard

We were glad Bob had decided not to come between semesters. He would have been caught in the middle of the storm and couldn't even have gotten home from Chicago if he could have come that far. The airport is still closed.

Our favorite wool plaid skirt pattern
I have sewed some this week--made a skirt for Ann and have Bob's vest ready to make the buttonholes. The material was so heavy I had an awful time with it.

We went to Peoria last Saturday and were back before noon with my glasses fixed. I also got a pair of half glasses to use while I sew or knit & watch T.V. That way I don't have to keep taking them off or set them on the end of my nose. They look funny but work fine.

How I wish Daddy had our kitten! I make her stay in the basement most of the time because she's so dirty. Poor little thing really doesn't know how to take a bath. She'll wash her face & stop. Someone told me she was taken from her mother too soon. When it gets warm I'll let her outside where she should be but I'm going to have to battle Ann about that. She's afraid something will happen to her.

Ann hasn't had any sewing in school since the eighth grade. They can't take just a course in sewing. It has to be one of the Home Ec. classes which doesn't include much sewing and too much other stuff that Ann doesn't want.

My sweater is moving along real slow because I haven't been working on it. The knitting actually goes fast because it is on big needles but I have had a sore arm and I thought the knitting aggravated it so I quit. It seems to be sort of a neuritis and is getting better.

I've been reading instead of knitting and from the length of the book, it will be awhile before I finish. It is Sorensen's book on Kennedy and really is a wonderful book. I think every potential president or government official should read it & study it like a textbook. I bought it months ago but hadn't read it.

Hope both of you are fine. Take care of yourselves."

                    Lots of love,


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