Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February 4, 1967 The Thaw, The Radio, The Disgrace, The Tragedy and The Book Review

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It's thawing today so maybe things will soon be better around here. The streets are terrible--rough & slick with ice. I've been walking everywhere I can but even that is hard to do because some people never shoveled the walks & that has been packed down by people walking thru it. It's terribly rough & slick as glass. Luckily, we didn't get the second storm that was predicted. There is still so much snow piled everywhere that parking is real hard so Ann didn't have choir practice again last night.

I haven't heard from Buddy & Bessie since Christmas. I suppose they got the picture but haven't had time to write. The radio said there were only 2 inches of snow there during the storm but there was ice and that always means trouble. There are loads of small towns & farms around here that don't have full electric power yet.

I am reading Ted Sorensen's book, Kennedy. It is really good but slow reading. I haven't read any of the Manchester book but will get it from Book of the Month Club one of these days when they offer it. That affair is a disgrace & I wish Mrs. Kennedy had sued the pants off all of them. I guess she did really win out & got the offensive parts deleted but the press sure made a big splurge of it all.

Yes, it is terrible about the astronauts. A broadcast last night said the findings show they lived 9 seconds. At least, they didn't have much time to suffer but I suppose that would seem long to them. I am also thankful they weren't in outer space. That would be awful to lose some of them in space.

Apollo 1 Crew
Ann wouldn't think of letting you have the kitten. We're stuck with it and that's all.

My arm is better and all of us fine except tired. This is registration week so B has worked day & night and will be at school all day today.

I have my book review Thursday afternoon and it went over real well. I spent most of the time on the section about Viet Nam and everyone is interested in that whether they want to be or not.

I have a suit cut out and am ready to start sewing if I ever get to it. It is such a strange color--not red but not orange--that I had a hard time finding lining & buttons. By accident I found a remnant of whipped cream that is perfect for the blouse but it was just a yard so I really had to do some figuring. It doesn't have sleeves and I pieced the collar so I think it will do. The collar had to be cut on the bias (it's a rolled one) so that took a big chunk.

It's about lunch time so I must stop."



NOTES: We were all distressed over the Apollo 1 tragedy and Mom, although always upbeat and optimistic, commented with something like, "Unfortunately we are apt to see more of these tragedies. They come with progress."  That's been proven to be true. Read more if interested:  http://nssdc.gsfc.nasa.gov/planetary/lunar/apollo1info.html

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