Friday, February 27, 2015

February 29, 1967 The Blizzard, The Piano, The Stitching and The Suit

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It seems as if all my letters begin with the weather but it has been really something to talk about this winter. We had another blizzard this week but it didn't pile up as much snow. People are afraid now after our bad one so schools were let out early and people were being cautious that day. We have such terrible wind and this last storm was half dust. I've never seen such dirty snow and the front of the house is a mess.

You did have a good sized piano bill but the piano should be fine from now on. If he worked all day he probably earned his money with all the picky work. Ours needs tuning again but Ann plays it so hard and it's against an outside wall which really isn't good for it. I can't remember whether the tuner came in March or June but he'll come when it's time again. It sounds fine to me but Ann can tell it needs tuning.

We don't see Polly very often. The kids are in different things but Polly comes or calls up once-in-awhile. She is taller but still slim as a rail.

I have done a little on the communion cloth but haven't started the hem stitching. There will be a strip off the side of the linen and I'll practice a bit. I must start it soon because the old cloth has holes in it and our new minister will be here March 12. Our retired minister has a new job as Fund Raiser for our hospital. It was announced in today's paper.

Ann has gone to the church to practice a bit. The blizzard was roaring Thursday so there wasn't any choir practice and she didn't get a chance to go thru the hymns. The minister uses a lot of the old songs we sang years ago and I have to help her a bit with some of them.

My suit is all done but the hem and I have that measured & ready to put in.

B is leaving tomorrow for one of the Mo. State colleges at Maryville. He is on a team to study the school's program to see if they're doing what they say they are and will be gone till Wednesday. You may remember that he has done this before. It's a hard job.

I had better stop and clean up the kitchen. We've had lunch but I just left the kitchen. Hope both of you are fine."

                   Lots of love,


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