Wednesday, February 25, 2015

February 11, 1967 The Sunshine, The Questions, The Suit and The Housecleaning

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It is real cold but we have sunshine and that helps. The snow is still deep and some of the streets are still packed with it.

Bob called one evening and the weather is still nice there. He had been playing tennis and had painted his room baby blue. That was during vacation when most of the kids had gone home. He had first first skindiving lesson and liked it. I think he just called to let us catch up on questions. I always write a lot of questions and he never answers them.

I had a nice letter from Bessie yesterday. She has had a cold since Christmas and had been to the Dr. She liked the picture real well. Beulah wrote me some time ago and I think I owe her a letter.

You hadn't told me about the washing machine but I sure am glad to hear that you have it. Have you been washing everything in the place?

Yes, Ann is still playing for the church and still likes it. She spends her money pretty fast but maybe she'll get over that. She buys clothes usually so I guess that isn't so bad and she has been putting part of her money into the church's organ fund. It was her own idea.

I haven't done any more on my suit but it really wouldn't take long to finish it. I don't like to sew at night any more.

The last few days I have been housecleaning. The cleaners had a special one drapes so I sent the living room & dining room drapes & while they were gone I washed woodwork and such. Things look some better but I need to do the kitchen next.

This isn't much of a letter but there isn't much news. I hope both of you are fine."

                               Lots of love,


So 1967! A paper dress to wear and toss!


  1. Another gentle story of every day life. I've not heard of "Dash" washing liquid, we had Daz. I was intrigued to know what was so different about the dress but then all became clear when I saw your 3rd picture. We think recycling is a new concept but, of course, there's nothing new is there?

  2. Some laundry detergents came with a glass tumbler inside or sometimes a towel. I was always amazed that those glasses were never broken! Can you imagine a paper dress?! Thank you for your comment, as always. My task of recording these letters is made easier knowing someone, somewhere is reading them:-)


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