Friday, February 20, 2015

December 31, 1966 The Last Day, The Front Window, The Green Crepe and A Little Ironing

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Here it is--the last day of another year. I guess all of us have a lot to remember--both good and bad--but the good outweighs the bad.

I'm beginning to dread for Bob to leave. Things will be so quiet. I don't get much done when the kids are home but don't care. He came home complaining about the cafeteria food so I've tried to cook things he's ask for. We still have the tree up and I may wait until everybody is back in school to take it down. It is so pretty. We have it in the front window and people have told us they enjoy it.

Bob's vest is real nice. When I had it all done it was a little too big so I had to seam it down but that turned out to be fairly easy. So I cut off the pattern to match and maybe I can make the next one just right. This one is dark green & looks real nice with a sport coat he bought when things went on sale.

There are lots of sales going on but I haven't gone to any of them. I'd like to have a plain winter coat but I can get by without it. I have a pattern to use with the green crepe when I can get at it. I borrowed the pattern long ago but never had the right material & this is just right.

We had a little dinner party Wednesday night. Some of Bob's friends were coming so I called Toni and had her family come. We ended up with 12. The kids played Monopoly after supper & didn't want to leave but she can't stay in one place very long. She is doing fine, though.

We are going to a New Year's Eve dinner tonight as usual. The same crowd gets together every year but I wish they'd stop so we could just stay at home.

Some of the people are getting so old I would think they'd rather stay at home, too, but they always seem to enjoy it. Toni will go & eat but plans to leave early.

When the Jello crowd celebrates:-)
Bob has a date with an old high school friend and Ann is going to play for a midnight church service at the Bloomington Presbyterian Church. Their regular organist is sick & the minister called Ann about 1:00 this afternoon. She has gone to the church to practice.

I must stop & do a little ironing. I'm trying to get Bob's clothes ready for school."

                Happy New Year & lots of love,


Here are some pictures

NOTE:  A friend gave me a kitten for Christmas. I knew immediately that it was probably not the best idea since all of us were busy all of the time. I suspect we'll hear more about it in upcoming letters because the kitten was a kitten in every sense of the word, very naughty, a bit wild and very cute.

Dear Readers,

Thank you for reading another year and I hope you'll return for 1967! Happy New Year!

            Lots of love,



  1. Happy New Year to you, too. That kitten looks old enough to be better behaved. I especially like the Jello desserts. Mom could have been a poster homemaker for that product. Great photos of you, beautiful as always!

    Bob K

  2. Hi Bob K. Thanks for your nice comments:-)

  3. I just always love everything about your posts. And no, haven't been here since the last time I said I need to come more often. So I'm glad you hand out these glimpses when referencing something. Hard to believe this was all 50 years ago, it feels like those times were several lifetimes ago, and yet somehow, yesterday.

  4. Thank you very much, Margaret. The letters can seem out of context on their own, but I think the images and clippings can add a lot to a post sometimes. It is truly hard to believe that 50 years have passed since here we sit. Many of our Christmas traditions are unchanged, so it often seems like yesterday in some ways. Thanks, as always, for writing. It is much appreciated.


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