Monday, February 16, 2015

December 3, 1966 The Colds, The Pictures, The Girlfriend, The Xmas Box and The Bare Cupboard

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I was relieved to have your letter and to know that neither one of you was sick in bed after our long day in Springfield. It made me tired and I know both of you were worn out. Maybe by the time you get this you will both be rid of the colds. I hope so. We have been pretty lucky about them so far.

It is cold here and we have snow on the ground--not a lot but enough to make streets slippery.

We got the proofs for the pictures yesterday and they were real good. I mailed them right back since they were the kind that fade fast. It's a good thing we didn't try to mail them around or wait for Beulah to see them. I didn't know they were using this kind of proof but maybe too many people kept the other ones that didn't fade.

It's too bad we missed seeing Buddy's family. I guess Roger liked the stool and was glad to get it. I keep thinking I'll write to Buddy & Bessie but haven't got it done yet. And I want to write to Aunt Nora & Uncle Floyd, too. I tried to find a card the other day and they just didn't fit so I still haven't sent any.

I have the little trees in the house now & they smell so good. The roots were so long I had to cut them off but I put them in pots of water so maybe they'll stay fresh till after new year's. I don't have any decorations on them yet but plan to unpack a few balls this week. Ann's wanting to put some up.

Bob called Wednesday night. He'd had a wonderful time over the Thanksgiving holiday. His roommate's father is a general so he got tickets for the boys for the Army-Navy football game and they'd gone to Philadelphia to see that. Bob wants some new clothes for Christmas. That isn't much like him but I guess the girlfriend makes the difference. It is still warm in Williamsburg and he says the weather is just marvelous there. He doesn't like cold weather and never did. He'll be home the 20th and have to go back on the 3rd of January. It isn't very long. He sure sounded happy.

We had our coffee for new faculty yesterday but bought the cookies so it wasn't an awful lot of work. We planned for 200 but about half that many came. It was nice, though.

A lot of school administrators are on campus today for a meeting so B will be at that most of the day. We went to a reception for the speaker last night.

One of these days I'll mail the Xmas box. Believe it or not, I'm almost thru with my shopping. You can unpack the box but no fair pinching.

I must stop & get to the store. My cupboard is about bare."

                              Lots of love,


NOTES: The woods on our grandparents' property were full of cedar trees of all sizes. That's where they always cut their Christmas tree and where we could cut small ones to take home for decorating.

Interested in the Army-Navy game of '66?


  1. Another gentle walk thro' American life in the 1960's. I enjoyed the old pictures, it's years since we had a "real tree" at Christmas. Nice to smell but those needles turn up everywhere for months!

    1. Yes, the needles do appear for a long time! For me, it's worth it to have a "real" tree although I worry about fire hazard as well. Thanks so much for your comment. It's always good to hear from you.


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