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December 20, 1966 The Anniversary and December 27, 1966 The Lost Letter Found

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I suppose you are back home by now and I hope you aren't too tired. We missed being with you and the usual things we do when we come home at Christmas. There wasn't a speck of snow so it didn't seem a lot like Christmas but we had a wonderful one.

We had put the packages under the tree when we put it up and as they came in the mail and Ann had pinched and sorted and had a wonderful time guessing. The Bob did the same thing when he came home. We opened our packages on Christmas Eve after a nice supper.

You sent so much and such nice things. All of us liked everything and thank you. Ann wanted me to cut the skirt on Christmas day but I put it off till after vacation. The chain is lovely and I can wear it on a piece of old jade I haven't worn because I didn't have a chain, as well as the cameo. The material you sent me is lovely. It doesn't wrinkle at all, but what is it?

B & I bought some more sterling for our Christmas so for Christmas dinner I set the table with the silver and our best china. We had the usual turkey dinner with the trimmings.

Ann put the claim on the Napoleon book. She says they are studying about him in history so she wants to read it and take it to school.

Ann's latest boyfriend brought her a kitten for Christmas.  I felt like chasing him out of the house. He had it in a basket lined with pink and it is a cute kitten but it isn't even housebroken. It's in the basement and Ann has been taking care of it. It is growing and learning.

Bob looks fine and is fine. The night he came home he ripped up an old suede jacket and had me making a vest out of it the next day. It looked pretty good and today I have been making a green wool one. It's an awful job to put set-in-pockets in. No wonder they charge so much for the things.

We had a card from Larsens and they're having a good time. They flew to Copenhagen, Denmark and were to stay until the 22nd. Art's ancestors came from Denmark and Dick's wife's family is Danish, too, although she had never been there. They flew to England for Christmas. Faith's sister and husband are there for a year of study at Canterbury College. They are missionaries--have spent most of their lives in the Philippines. He is an Episcopalian priest.

I'm glad you liked the dishes and things. The reading glass is supposed to be stronger than the one Daddy had and I hope it really works. It was supposed to be 3 power--the only size they had but that one seemed stronger than some of the other ones I looked at.

The pictures came from Heer's and are fine but it may be a while before I get them mailed. I don't do much of anything but cook right now."

                         Lots of love,


Clyde & Lizzie on their wedding day, 1906

Clyde & Lizzie, December, 1966

Pictured above is the Valentine that Granddad (Clyde) gave to Grandmother (Lizzie) on February 14, 1906. The inside reads:

"Best thoughts of Love: The lark will carol forth his lay, To greet the dawn of glorious day. He cares not how he knows, not why. He must say something, so must I. I've loved you long with all my heart, neath sun and stars in shade and shine. Earth can no greater bliss impart, if you will be my Valentine."

For photos of Clyde & Lizzie through the years, use this link:


  1. Oh Ann, this is such a tremendously sweet, special post and selection of images. It's marvelous that you have a photo your grandparents on their wedding day. It reminds me a bit of one (the only one - and in scan form, not original - but still!) that I have of one of my sets of great-grandparents, Charles and Marie, who lived in Dawson City, Yukon and were in the same era as Clyde and Lizzie. I'll try to remember to send it your way the next time we email.

    Big hugs & happy Thursday wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Hi Jessica! I am so happy to hear from you and I would love to see your Great-grandparents' photo! Wedding photos are precious treasures. I am plodding my way through the years and tomorrow's (Friday) post is the last of 1966. Soon I'll be posting my own wedding snapshot:-) Well, in a couple of blog months that is! Thanks so much for writing and have a great weekend!


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