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March 5, 1966 The Nice Birthday, The Yellow Yarn, The Real Popular Color and The Wonderful Time

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Winter is with us now. It is snowing hard and is real cold. We had a good sized snow on the ground on my birthday. It seems to always snow on my birthday.

I had a nice birthday but we didn't do anything special. Faith Larsen had a little luncheon which was fun and then everyone in the family had different things they had to do.

Thanks so much for the money. I'll buy something special with it but have put it aside right now until I have time to decide. I had lots of cards, Bob gave me candy, B gave me a stainless steel bread tray and Ann got me an enamel brooch to wear on my new crocheted suit. I wore it to Faith's and then wore it to As You Like It Thursday. I had lots of compliments on it so I guess it looks fine. The skirt is a little big but I can't stand them to fit like the skin. They look awful that way.

Now I have started to knit the skirt for a dress or maybe a suit if there is enough yarn. I bought all they had of this color so will have to make it do. It is sort of a golden yellow.

I'm going to order a green coat from Penney's & I think the yellow will be pretty with it. Green seems to be real popular for spring.

This week has been another busy one. I cut Ann a dress but can't get started on it. I still go to the Hospital every day and yesterday they called B from a meeting at school. It can't last much longer but some of the men will have to be there most of the time now. They can't find a male nurse in town. Some faculty men are taking turns helping out but B and I will probably be at the hospital 2 or 3 times a day.

We had a wonderful time with the company last weekend. I can't even remember whether I wrote you before or after they came. They are such a nice, wholesome couple. They wrote a lovely thank-you letter and I think they really had a good time. They are taking a bus load of their students on a field trip to Florida during spring vacation. They want Bob to meet them in Memphis (probably) or along the way & go with them. Of course, Bob wants to go but we'll have to wait for all the information before we decide.

The clipping tells about Bob's newest award. We didn't know anything about it until a woman heard it over the radio and called us. Then it came out in the paper.

I had Quill Club here yesterday afternoon so have my house pretty clean, for once. Although I did some ironing I have a basket of table linens from last weekend that I haven't even washed. They have to be so damp to iron right that I like to finish them all up at one time.

I'm drying my hair so I'd better stop & see if it is ready to comb out.

I never know when I'll have to go to the hospital. The family is real small. They have an adopted son who is away in college. Ted's (the sick man) sister is here and his sister-in-law is coming.

Hope Daddy is feeling like himself again. Take good care of yourselves."

               Lots of love,


NOTE: I don't know about the popularity of green in the Penney's catalog, but it certainly was in Sears, as shown above.

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