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March 19, 1966 The Beautiful Week, The Field Trip, The Festival, The Hat and The Blouse

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"How nice to have two letters in one week! It was really slim pickings last week, though!

This has been a beautiful week. The sun has been warm--up to 70--and the birds are singing. My pussy willows are full blown and tulips are coming up fast. The girl next door has worked in her yard and has it all neat. I haven't been in the yard except to see what's coming up.

I haven't really done much all week. After the funeral was over on Monday we came home and we've gone back to see Dot several times but we don't stay long. Our kids shifted for themselves about three days and did a good job of it.

There were a lot of things going on this week but I was so nearly exhausted that I just cancelled out of everything and stayed at home. I am rested now but haven't caught up with my work yet.

I hope Charlotte is all right by now. Ann has been dragging around all week and tried to go to school today. A teacher brought her home at noon so I took her to the doctor. He said she had the flu. There has been so much of it.

We still don't know about Yale or any of the other things Bob is waiting for. April 15 is the date so let's hope that will be a great day around here. I have permission to open any special mail. Bob is planning to go on the Florida Field Trip with the Roths and their class from Lawrence, Kansas. He had a letter today and his name is already on the list. It will be from April 5-11 but that's about all we know now. We'd like to take him to meet the bus in Memphis just to get away for 2 or 3 days if we can.

I keep thinking I'll get downtown to look for a hat and a blouse but haven't had a chance yet. I haven't done anything more on my suit and Ann is impatiently waiting for me to cut into the piece of yellow wool that we gave her for Christmas. She's still waiting to wear the sweater that matched it.

This is Saturday morning and B has gone to the office. It is chilly and windy today--not very springy.

Ann is still asleep but seemed to feel much better at bedtime last night. She plays in an organ festival late tomorrow afternoon. I hope she does well but she hasn't had the energy to practice all week except once.

I have to go to Peoria for a Pen Women meeting tomorrow and plan to be back for the music thing. Then we go to school to a reception and dinner. It looks as if my crocheted suit will be about right. I hope so for it's all ready to wear. I've had a time keeping my clothes ready to wear this winter.

I've about run out of news. Hope you both are fine."

                   Lots of love,


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