Sunday, January 11, 2015

March 14, 1966 The Arranging, The Rose, The Pink Synthetic and The Stray Letter

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I'm sorry this will be late but I've hardly been home the last two days. Ted died very quietly yesterday morning and we have done all the arranging. B was to have gone to Chicago today for several days but of course, didn't go.

There was a tea at the church today for teachers at Sunday School. I don't teach anymore but am on the education committee so helped furnish cookies. Ann made them for me & when I came home tonight there was a red rose & a certificate of appreciation for my past teaching. It made me feel good.

Ann cleaned up the house today and things looked pretty nice when I came home. I had just started to clean yesterday when the hospital called.

I finally finished Ann's dress and have my suit partly done. It is a rough pink synthetic of some kind.

This is Monday morning. I was just too tired last night & went to bed.

By the way, Mother, didn't you find a stray letter around the house somewhere? We got an empty envelope last week and I can't help but wonder what you had said in the lost letter.

We are all just fine. Ann is getting ready to play in a music festival and Bob has entered another science contest. The prizes aren't big but it's fun to enter. I think this is the last one.

There just isn't any news to write this week so I hope you both are fine."

            Lots of love,


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