Sunday, January 25, 2015

June 25, 1966 The Lovely Breeze, The Extra Things, The Colonial Style and The Long List

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"There is a lovely breeze but the weather has been hot all week. I played golf Wednesday morning and the breeze was wonderful but I almost got sunburned.

I have been trying to get at a few extra things but so far, I haven't done a thing extra. Bob's room is about cleaned out but that has to be done early in the morning since it has been so hot.

We had a letter from him yesterday and he sounded real happy. His roommate is a senior so he'll be a lot of help to him.

The campus is small and everything is close. It is very beautiful and built around a large sunken mall covered with grass. The main building is the Christopher Wren building. He designed the church that is being moved from England to the Westminster campus in Fulton, isn't it? The college began in 1695. Imagine? It is soft red brick and all of the other buildings of brick are this same kind--even the business building. The modern business district is colonial style too and it's like being in another country.

I don't seem to be able to get anywhere with this letter & it's almost noon. I will just quit trying and wait until next weekend and tell you about Williamsburg. If things go as planned we'll be home Saturday afternoon & come back Monday. It isn't long but we want to come when we can. It will be mid-afternoon.

I'm so glad Daddy liked the Bible. I bought the biggest print I could find so it would be easy to read.

B is ready for lunch & he always has a long list of Saturday jobs to do so I'll say bye now & we'll see you Saturday."

                   Lots of love,


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