Thursday, January 29, 2015

July 30, 1966 The Grade, The Golf, The Spice Rack and The Tomatoes

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I just finished a letter to Bob. He called us Sunday evening from Washington, DC. He had been studying for exams and had gone home with his roommate for the weekend so he hadn't written. We had told him to call sometime but were surprised.

Then we had a letter mid-week and he'd made an A for his first 5 weeks of Biology. That first grade is so very important, so we are relieved and overjoyed.

Is Daddy all right now? I hope so. Don't you try to walk with Maxine while she plays golf. The rough walking would kill you. I'm still playing and enjoying it. I sure feel better after the exercise.

I'll be happy to have a spice rack--never had one in my life and never had 24 bottles of spices, either. Just wait till we come home and I'll get it then and I will paint it to match my kitchen.

The little chair is all together and is in the living room but it isn't done. It looks nice though and is smooth as a dollar. The inlay came and was the right width but it wasn't flexible enough to use. It went in fine until I got to the center back piece and it had to bend in a slim figure 8. It just wouldn't do it even after soaking in hot water. It would seem to be all right at first but the piece was so thin it would break. I worked all one morning & broke the stuff all to pieces. The piece that came out is celluloid and has shrunk. I tried warming it and stretching it but it started breaking too. I'm going to a hobby shop & see if I can find a strip of some kind. If not, I may try painting in the lines. I don't know whether my hands are steady enough or not.

Bonnie's kitchen wall and half of the spice rack, 1966

The weather is cooler now so Ann doesn't mind school. It will soon be over and I guess they'll finish the air conditioner there.

We can't understand why everyone has had to be so miserable over there this summer.

Wish we had some of your tomatoes."



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