Wednesday, January 28, 2015

July 23, 1966 The Truck, The Little Chair, The Exhibit and The 3 Suitcases

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"The air conditioner was finally started yesterday but we really don't need it much. The weather has cooled off a great deal but the sun is trying to shine and it's warming up fast. The morning was cloudy and we hoped against hope that it would rain.

Our yard is terrible. B has been watering the front to keep it alive but the ground is like a rock. I let the truck come into the yard with the air conditioning unit because it is so heavy and you couldn't even see the tire tracks. The unit is on the patio. We spent last Saturday getting the bricks relayed. I've never had such sore muscles in my life from the all the squatting. We had planned to go to an open house at the new Winston Churchill College in Pontiac but I could hardly climb steps or stand up after I sat down so we didn't even go church. I'm fine now and am glad the patio is fixed. It was one of my projects planned for this summer.

I finally got the little chair all sanded and we glued it together last night. The inlay hasn't come yet but it's ordered. The chair looks pretty nice but I'm anxious to get it stained walnut now. Then I'll Deft it several times and steel wool it down.

B's work doesn't seem quite so pressing right now. There have been several conferences on campus this week so the place has been jumping with strangers. The annual exhibit of teaching materials was held this week in the big gym and that's a big thing--hundreds of books. I went twice and bought Bob some paint brushes. They sell things the last day so they don't have to haul them back to the companies.  B didn't have much to do with the conferences except to show up for lunches and greet some of the groups. A children's writer spoke one night and I enjoyed that. B greeted that group (welcome to campus) and then we went to a reception for her afterwards. Both of us also went to a small dinner for another speaker.

Dot finally moved yesterday. She has been in Normal over a week getting things finished up and the movers loaded yesterday morning.  Her little convertible was loaded to the hilt. She had 3 suitcases full of valuable coins in the trunk of the car but she didn't seem to worry about them. Ted had collected coins for years and had a very valuable collection. Now they are her security.

She had lunch with us and left from here. She seemed happy and excited about the move and much like her old carefree self, but she left crying.

This was exam week for Bob so we haven't had our usual letter. He is half through the summer. We can hardly wait to see what he makes for the first five weeks.  It is terrible that grades have to play such an important part in a kid's school life but they do and there isn't anything to do about it.

I finally got a new permanent and I think it is a better one than the last. At least, it looks better now.

I haven't done anything in the house today so I'd better pick up the papers, at least.

Hope both of you are fine and stay out of the sun."

                 Lots of love,


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