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January 8, 1966 The Few Flakes, The Real Thrill, The Poisons & Explosives and The Junk Yard

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Winter is here and no doubt about it. It's around zero this morning and after the lovely warm weather it really bites. We were supposed to have two inches of snow yesterday but there were only a few flakes.

This has been quite a week.  Bob's friend, Steve, didn't leave until Sunday. We had an early dinner and rushed to get him to the bus so he could catch a train in St. Louis. The bus was late and when it came it was full. Another bus was promised in an hour but it came sooner and the driver told B he would try to get in St. Louis on time. We haven't heard from Steve so we don't know whether he made connections or not. He was supposed to register for the draft on Monday but he probably didn't get home in time.

Anyway, the boys had a wonderful time. Steve had his 18th birthday while he was here. Malcolm was here a lot and one night they invited a big group of boys for the evening. They were invited to a party too, and Steve met a few girls there. He is quiet and has Southern manners--yes ma'am and no ma'am.

We had As You Like It Club this week. The book was Norman Rockwell. I think you'd like that. Don't you remember all of his Post covers?

I went to Quill Club yesterday afternoon. We're trying to have half of our meetings in the afternoon. I like that better than night meetings.

We had a real thrill yesterday morning when Bob was taken into the National Honor Society at school. Each year the teachers and students vote on the top 15% of students in the senior class. I don't understand the procedure but it's more than grades that count. It is a real honor. We went to the assembly at 8:00. Bruce (the boy on the farm that has been Bob's friend so long) and Malcolm made it too. Bruce's folks took me out for coffee after the assembly so I just didn't do much all morning.

It has taken me several days to catch up on things since the kids are back in school. I ironed a day & a half but hadn't done any the week Steve was here. I spent most of my time getting meals it seemed.

There has also been some sad news this week but we feel better about it now. A man in B's office went to have a lump taken off the side of his neck. It was cancer and we were all terribly upset. The doctor is still running tests over his entire body and hasn't found a sign of it anywhere else so we think everything will be all right after some x-ray treatments on the neck. The Dr. says it is the easiest kind to treat and he won't have to stay in the hospital so we are anxious to hear the final test results tonight.

We are going to Bone's tonight for their Swedish Christmas party when we take down their tree. It is always fun.

You did real well on your breakfast set. It is hard to sell anything like that here. The stores don't even want to trade in furniture. Sears wouldn't take our refrigerator so the boys took it outside and tore it apart. They kept the inside and a few parts and B paid the delivery man to haul the rest to the junk yard. Now I have all those refrig. parts in the basement. It looks like a junk yard. Bob says he wants to make a fish tank out of the inside but nothing has been done about it.

You think twice before you even mention selling your house and remember the last experience. It would be fine with me if you wanted a smaller place but have it bought and ready for you before you turn loose of the one you have.

We were happy to have both clippings. The cave business doesn't interest me one bit but the boys love it. I have never worried about the poisons or explosives they have worked with but the caves worry me.

Hope you both are fine. Stay warm and don't take colds during this awful weather."

                         Lots of love,


NOTE:  Caves are plentiful in Missouri.  Our mom may have lost interest, but she certainly enjoyed them in her younger days.

Bonnie, about 1938

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