Saturday, January 3, 2015

January 16, 1966 The Candy Wrappers, The Beer Cans, The Coffee Cake and The Draft

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I hope you got your yard cleaned up without too much work. Ours looks terrible but we won't get anything done till spring probably. I do try to pick up papers in the front. We get lots of candy wrappers and even beer cans occasionally.

It is cold but we still don't have snow although the northern part of the state has lots. Tuesday was a terrible day with freezing rain. Everything was glazed over and we thought we were in for some real bad weather but the temperature went up and the ice melted before evening. I went to Faith Larsen's for lunch that day and had to walk on the lawns because the sidewalks were so slick.

We had book club Monday and I was co-hostess. I hadn't checked the program and had not been reminded of it until the hostess called me Sunday night. I should have made the coffee cakes but she had everything ready so I just payed for it. I felt awfully silly.

Beulah & Nobel might as well quit worrying about Jerry being drafted now. There is no way of knowing and I'm not sure grades will make much difference if a board can't meet its quota. I feel so sorry for these kids. No wonder some of them are so mixed up.

Bob had an invitation from University of Chicago to apply there. They had his name from the Westinghouse Talent Search. Apparently the entries in that have gone out to the colleges. We are wondering if he'll hear from any more.

Florida State did not get the government grant for the science institute next summer so they cannot have one. Bob was disappointed but he wants to apply to one in California. We don't have any material on it yet, though.

I have started to crochet myself a suit. The yarn is blue and it goes pretty fast but I don't know whether I'll finish it to wear by spring or not. I work on it during meetings and in the evening when we're home. I even took it to a meeting at the church last Sunday afternoon. It was a good thing I did for we were there all afternoon & the time was wasted in a lot of talk. We have another one this afternoon.

B has some typing he wants me to do so I'd better stop & do that."

                   Lots of love,


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