Thursday, January 1, 2015

January 1, 1966 The Boys, The Weather, The Refrigerator and The Formals

Dear Mother & Daddy,                                                    

"Well, Happy New Year! I don't know where '65 went but here we are in another year already. I took part of the Christmas decorations down yesterday but haven't started on the tree. It takes so long and makes such a mess that I have to wait until I have time to finish the job.

The kids have had a fine time this week. Bob's friend got here for lunch Monday and something has been going on every minute since then. Malcolm has been here a lot, as well as other boys. Bob had a party one night but I didn't have to do much except buy the cokes and potato chips. Ann served the refreshments and they played games in the basement. Ann has been to two parties this week and the boys went to one last night. B and I also went to one last night so it has been midnight bedtimes every night this week. I'm beginning to feel it, too. Polly stayed with Ann last night and they decided to just stay at home.

We have had rain and warm weather this week so I've had a time trying to keep the house clean. It is a beautiful, sunny day today but surely it can't keep up this way. We will probably have winter when we want spring.

You should see our new refrigerator. Our old one was defrosting when I got up Tuesday morning. I fooled with the switch but it wouldn't do a thing. It kept getting warmer all day. B took the switch apart & worked on the motor that night but it has just quit and that was that. We knew it would happen sometime but I was satisfied with the old one as long as it would run. I put the food in a box on the back porch and got along very well. We didn't have much chance to look for one except during the noon hour but we looked at several and finally got a Sears. I liked the G.E. but it was too tall to fit the place in our kitchen. This one just fits & is real nice. It is 16 ft. with a freezer top & automatic cube maker. The serviceman will hook that part up next week & the kids are anxious to see how it works.

I've sewed some on Ann's formal this week & it is practically done. It really is a beautiful dress and she is happy with it. Charlotte's blue formal just fits me to a T--in every way. I tried it on and when it fit so well I just hung it in my closet. By the time I need to wear it most of the wrinkles will have hung out.

B is ready to mail this and I must fix some lunch so bye for now."

                     Lots of love,


NOTE:  Making its way to the top of the charts during the holiday week was Simon & Garfunkel's Sounds of Silence.  The album was popular with the whole family.  Listen if you'd like.  Happy New Year and thanks for coming back for the start of another year!


  1. Great post Ann! An automatic ice cube maker in 1966...who knew!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing and for your comment! That ice maker was pretty exciting back then:-)


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