Tuesday, January 6, 2015

February 3, 1966 The Right Classes, The Final 40, The Organ and The Cherry Pie

Dear Mother & Daddy,                                                Saturday

"The kids are still asleep but B has gone to the office. The college students will be lined up all morning waiting for help in getting into the right classes. The office will close at noon, though, so I guess he'll stay home then.

Evidently Bob didn't get any further in the Westinghouse contest but everyone is proud of him for going so far. The final 40 were to be published today and he hasn't heard and would have on Wed. if he'd made it. He keeps hearing from colleges (West Point, this week) but so far he still pins his hopes on Yale. He even had a long distance call from a college in Jacksonville, Ill. yesterday. I thought the days were over when colleges went looking for students but I guess they still go after some.

I think I told you the Florida Institute didn't get their gov't. grant this year and they couldn't have the program in the summer. Bob is applying to one in LaJolla, California. It is the best marine biology school in the country, I guess--Scripps Institute. It is a long way off but if they give him a scholarship to come for the summer we'll let him go.

Last Sunday was Youth Sunday at church and Ann did a wonderful job with the organ. She doesn't practice very much and she would really be something special on both the organ and piano if she'd spend more time at it.

We are all fine again. Bob had only a few sniffles but he drinks orange juice by the quart and I think that has helped him ward off colds this winter. My cold made me pretty draggy and I had such awful headaches. I hate to say it was my sinuses but I guess it was. Everyone here blames everything on sinuses. I still sneeze and sneeze every morning but feel all right. Several of my friends have had the same thing.

I entertained the As You Like It Club Thursday afternoon. Everyone seemed to have such a nice time. I served cherry pie.

That was Dollar Day in Bloomington so I went down for an hour after the women left so didn't have much time to shop. I got some underwear and some gloves. People were still shopping when it was almost time for the stores to close.

Maybe you'd like to make my cherry pie for your club. It can be made the day before but is real rich and you'll have to use your mixer to mix the filling.

We enjoyed the little joke. It really happened and there is an Oblong, Illinois--not too far away.

I must stop & get Bob up. He is supposed to play basketball this morning but would probably rather sleep.

Stay warm and out of the cold."

                    Lots of love,


NOTE:  The "little joke" referred to was a wedding announcement in the local paper:  Oblong Man Marries Normal Woman.  Excellent journalism.


  1. Ah yes, 1966. That was the one and only time that England won the World Cup (Football). I found it interesting to see the "Dollar Day" poster, we have Poundshops in England where everything cost £1.

  2. I will have to look for some articles on the World Cup win of 1966. When I was a child, Dollar Day was an event that took place twice a year, offering items at low prices. The stores would be mobbed with people. Today, there are many "Dollar Shops" all over the world, the same as your Poundshops. I am suspicious of the quality of many of the items. Thanks so much for writing!


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