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February 26, 1966 The Biology Teachers, The Broken Heart, The Book-of-the-Month Club and The Desserts

Ladies Home Journal, January, 1966
Dear Mother & Daddy,

"While I dry my hair I'll write my letter. You may not be able to read it because I don't have my glasses on and I need them when I read or write anymore. I'm in a hurry because I have more to do today than there is time for it, I'm afraid.

A couple from Lawrence, Kansas are coming tomorrow for the weekend and I have cleaning & cooking to do. They were the ones who took Bob on so many exciting field trips last summer & want to see our high school. Both of them teach biology so we are having the biology teachers here to have dinner with us tomorrow night.

The man I told you about is back in the hospital and I must go down to be with Dot, his wife, this afternoon. The Dr. told him this morning that the cancer has grown fast and he hasn't much chance. It just breaks my heart.

I like the Penney's coat, too, and I think a 14 tall would be about right. Mine is a misses 12. If it is too big or too small send it back for the next best size until you get it to fit.

You have signed up for Medicare, haven't you? I've been wondering about it and kept forgetting to ask you.

My crocheted (blue) dress is all done but the elastic in the skirt. That will take about 10 minutes but I had to get some elastic & haven't had the ten minutes--next week I'll finish it. I'm going to knit a dress now. There was a yarn sale last week and I couldn't resist. It is yellow and sort of nubby. I just love to knit but let a lot of things go when I get started. I'm reading a Mark Twain book now from the book club but have it almost done. I joined the Book-of-the-Month Club again. The bonus books to start were the new books on Kennedy & I wanted them.

I made Ann a skirt this week and want to make a top to go with it next week so she can wear it as a dress.

It is almost bedtime now and I have my desserts made but still have to clean the bathroom so I'd better say goodnight and get it done.

    Hope you both are fine."

                       Lots of love,



  1. Another interesting blog entry, it has occurred to me that these regular letters and correspondences would conducted via email these days. In the time these were written of course there would be a time delay due to the post system. maybe this gave the sender more time to consider what to include?

    1. Yes, it seems as if no one writes letters anymore. I try to keep up correspondence with thank-you notes and postcards, but it's been ages since i wrote a "real" letter! It's a shame. I will say that the postal service used to be efficient and letters were delivered quickly. Now, to send a card to someone in the same town can take several days!


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