Wednesday, January 7, 2015

February 13, 1966 The Digging, The Letters & Pictures, The Sewing and The Simply Wonderful Speech

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Isn't this spring weather wonderful? We have been having it too and everyone goes around talking about it and not believing it can happen. Chicago has had lots of snow--even last week--but we have escaped. People who make gardens must be getting anxious to start digging.

I need to clean closets and cabinets--especially cabinets but never get at it. Don't throw away the old letters & pictures. I love to read those things.

Bob is still getting letters from colleges but not scholarship offers yet. The letters have all been written after the first list of entrants was sent out. The list of Honors should bring some other interesting offers. We have the list of winners and didn't know any of them. There were almost 3,000 entrants so to be one of the select 300 was wonderful.

I'm wanting to sew and have lots of material but can't find the time to start. My crocheted suit is coming along fine but I just hope the skirt fits.

A new Sears store has been in the making for months and months and finally will open Wednesday. We have the invitation card to the preview and I'd like to go but the week is so full I don't know if I will find time. It is going to carry just about everything and is out near the big drugstore where Buddy took you one time.

We went to a tea for our faculty and the Wesleyan faculty Sunday. It was a nice day but the crowd wasn't nearly as big as it should have been.

Martin Luther King gave a talk at Wesleyan Thursday night. Our students were invited too but we just listened on the radio. His speech was simply wonderful although and he summarized how far the negro has come in American society from the days of slavery. He can certainly make one think.

I've run out of news and am trying to catch up with the laundry so will say bye for now."

                      Lots of love,


NOTE:  You can read and hear MLK's speech here:

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