Friday, January 30, 2015

August 7, 1966 The Friends, The Dress, The Trees and The New Dean

Dear Mother & Daddy,      Saturday, August 6

"We have done so many little things today that I never did get my letters written. I always write to Bob on Sat. too.  He is fine and will probably have some new friends soon--said they had four new ones in class and some dropped out. Summer school there is divided into 5 week sessions so they can do that.

Ward Ellis's daughter & family came to visit a while this morning. I never saw her in my life but she wrote & asked if they could come. They live near Chicago & brought a child to camp at Lake Bloomington. We enjoyed them.

Ann has been sewing again. She made another skirt--she can do that completely on her own and today she started a dress. I have helped with that. It's a dark cotton print--sort of a calico print.

I hunted up the Mirror to read that letter because I hadn't seen it. Is she sick again? I feel so sorry for her but I'll bet she doesn't get much sympathy in Richland. Yes, that Texas affair was terrible but that boy was to be pitied, too.

Don't worry about the Mimosa trees a lot. One of these days I can get one started and it may not be able to live here, anyway.

I ordered a couple of shirtwaist dresses but sent them back. They just didn't look right on me and the colors were sort of strange, too.

The new Dean has started work so B has been coming home a little earlier and hasn't been bringing stacks of work home with him. They have four young children and we're having them here for supper tomorrow night. It's been a long time since I've had little kids around to feed.

I'm having cold chicken salad, sliced tomatoes and green beans and probably ice cream.

We can buy home grown tomatoes now from the same man we've bought from for several years.

Well, it must be bedtime so I'd better stop."

             Lots of love,


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