Saturday, January 31, 2015

August 14, 1966 The Quiet, The Machine, The Camp and The Golf

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It is so quiet everywhere, we hardly know how to act. Students are gone after commencement yesterday and Ann is staying all night with a friend in Lexington. It's a little town not far from Normal.  She is glad summer school is over. The kids always get tired of it before it's over but this summer was so hot they were miserable.

We have been having wonderfully cool days and have had some rain. Everything is green again.

I've been sewing every minute I can find. I got Ann's dress done, have a cotton suit all done but hemming the skirt and have a blouse almost done. Ann made the skirt to go with it but couldn't do the shirt alone and I didn't have time to show her. We took the machine to the basement and I've enjoyed sewing down there because I have the ping pong table and my old dining room table to cut on. I never did advertise the dining room furniture.

We will be leaving early Thursday morning for Marquette, Michigan but plan to stop at Traverse City, Michigan for a couple of days. Ann wants to visit it and see some of her friends that are going to the camp this summer. From Sunday, Aug. 21 to Aug. 27 we will be at:

                               School for Executives
                               c/o Northern Michigan  U.                                         Marquette, Michigan  49855

                               phone--Northern Michigan U.
                               Area 906  225-1341

We still do not now exactly when Bob will be home but expect to know in time to meet him in Chicago on our way home from Michigan. He has a post office box now so instead of general delivery his mail goes to Box #2490.

We probably won't write the usual time while we're gone but will try to write cards.

Mary Jewell Reidel (Ellis) is a little older than Horace, I think. We were talking about ages the other day when they were here.  I barely remember her brother, Miller, and had never seen her. She and her family were real nice and you would have thought they had known us forever.

The new Dean and his family came for supper last Sunday evening. Their children are well trained and the two year old is so cute. They were here again yesterday and Ann & another girl kept the children while we went to graduation and a tea.

We got back pretty late and I didn't have anything in the refrigerator for them but Ann had stuffed the kids with cookies, pretzels and orange juice so they were all happy.

I didn't get my golf in this week and it is the first week I've missed playing this summer but it rained one day and I spent the other day when I could have played, on the telephone. The husband of one of our As You Like It Club members died and we took in a meal. I still have to act as president of the club until September when the new president takes over, so I had to make the plans and see that people were notified. I had some other telephone calls, too, but I must have talked on the phone 30 times, at least.

We have to go to the store & I want to mail this so will say bye for now."




  1. Interesting advertising posters of the time, as you may expect I appreciated the one from AT&T.

    1. Thank you, David. I hope you're on the mend and posting again soon. I liked the trombone photo!


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