Friday, January 16, 2015

April 24, 1966 The Disappointing Week, The Beige Dress, The TV Show and The Silverware

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We've had a rainy, cloudy week but things are green as can be and the lawn needs to be mowed. It stays so cool though, that the flowers can't grow and there are very few tulips or jonquils around. We still can't find the leak in the roof and have to keep a pan in the upstairs bathroom. There is a little water coming into the basement this morning too so we're going to have to call for professional help.

This has been a disappointing week and things have been sort of gloomy around here. Bob was turned down for the science institute in California--just too many applications for the 14 places in oceanography. He was real disappointed and then the same day a letter from Yale said he was on their reserve list if he wants to stay on it and may get accepted in July. We don't know why he wasn't accepted now. He still wants to stay on their list and see if they'll take him but also is going ahead with the papers at William and Mary. He's talking about summer school there. I wish he'd just forget about Yale but he won't. He did get an Honorable Mention on the paper he sent to the Ford Contest. Today he had a letter from Florida saying he could be in their Honors Program which means special privileges but he sent them a card saying he would not be coming.

I was a hostess for a Mother-Daughter tea today but didn't have to stay long. I took Ann and my cookies and there were so many to help that we came back home.

Ann has been sewing. She has two skirts almost finished and has done a good job. She is real pleased with herself. I wish she would sew more.

It wouldn't take me long to finish the beige dress I cut last week if I could just stay at it. I'm tired of sewing and would like to work in the yard so I have to push myself to work on the dress.

I hope Daddy is all right by now but the flu can make one so miserable. B has a bad cold and doesn't have much pep. He went to Chicago yesterday with a group of people to make a taped color TV show about the University. It will be shown in the Chicago area twice but they may show it thru Peoria in black and white. I'd like to see it.

B (left) making a point
If you find a Simplicity pattern you want, send me the number and I'll get it for you. The magazine stores sell Simplicity pattern catalogs--small ones. Have you enjoyed the Saturday Review or do you care about them?

I've tried to find a good picture of my silver pattern but this is the best I could do. We've ordered 4 place settings but they haven't come yet. I debated whether to get a dozen spoons to start but decided it might be better to buy the place settings and add to them when I could.

Hope you both feel fine."

         Lots of love,


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