Thursday, January 15, 2015

April 17, 1966 The Shantung, The Chubby Doll, The Red Roses and The Stamps

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It is almost church time but I fooled around all day yesterday and never did get my letter written.

I have had a piece of Dacron shantung for months and finally cut it out Friday. It will be a dress with a jacket and I thought I was so smart to have enough leftover for a skirt. That way I could wear it as a suit. Yesterday when I was sewing, I discovered I hadn't cut a facing for the jacket so that took half of the skirt. It was just luck that I didn't have any skirt lining or it probably would have been sewed up. I guess I'm in too big a hurry but it seems to go slow and then I had to quit sewing until I got more thread and some lining.

I did the cutting while I was babysitting with the next door baby but she was so good I'm sure that wasn't the reason I goofed. The baby is four months old and just like a chubby doll. She laughed and cooed at me and finally went to sleep.

Thanks for the lovely anniversary card. Faith Larsen brought me a little silver candy dish and B had a dozen red roses sent. We had agreed not to u any presents but when we get around to it we are going to buy a few pieces of sterling silverware. The pattern I have always liked and wanted is very fancy and it is expensive so we'll buy a few pieces at a time. It is Grande Baroque by Wallace and is an old pattern. We can add a little at a time until I get the set.

All of us stayed at home the evening of our anniversary and that's a rare treat. Dot came for lunch that day and then started from here to see her mother in the east. I still haven't wrapped that suit so don't think it's lost. I'll get it done one of these days.

I think Roger got a bargain on the organ but he'll probably still have to spend a lot on it. It sounds as if you had fun shopping around with Roger and Marjorie. I just love to do that but wouldn't want any of the stuff except the dishes maybe.

Don't worry about that pen and I'm sorry you bothered with the shoes although we were glad to have them. They should learn to look around. The stamps are for the postage.

I haven't seen Polly since we got home. Too much has been going on. She & Ann both went to a music contest yesterday. Ann played for some of the other kids who sang and for a violin duet. Then she played for a flute solo. Kids have been coming in to practice every few days and they did real well at the contest.

Bob has been restless since his trip. He had a wonderful time and I suppose it is hard to settle down. He left the group in Memphis and came to Champaign on the train. It was a three hour wait for a bus to Normal so he called and we went after him. He's getting anxious about Yale. They still haven't written but we should hear any day.

I must get this mailed or you won't have it tomorrow."

                   Lots of love,



  1. It's just like being at home, what with that dress making! I think I've mentioned that my wife does dressmaking, though only for friends nowadays. I always joke with her that nearly every conversation somehow gets back to dressmaking,

    These letters are wonderful though. It must be so lovely to have them.

  2. Your wife is very lucky to be able to sew! Sorry that you have to live with dressmaking via the blog as well:-) I do appreciate your comments and glad that you enjoy the letters. Maybe they will be more interesting when my brother and I leave home for college!


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