Tuesday, December 9, 2014

September 4, 1965 The Rain, The House, The Big Summer, The Telephone and The Furnace

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It has started raining as if it is going to keep at it all day.  I had hoped to start on the little chair but I want to work outside so will have to wait.  There are lots of other things to do, though.

The house is taking shape now.  We were pretty aggravated when we got home and it wasn't finished so we got after the man and it was finished right away. He was just plain pokey. I have my painting done and am ready to paper the upper part of the bathroom and make the curtains.

Bob, Bruce and Malcolm have been camping in a state part this week. They are to come home today or tomorrow. Ann went with Hagers to the Kansas City are for several days. They were visiting some of Polly's brother's friends and just sight seeing. I think our kids have both had a big summer to remember.

I found these quilt patterns while I was cleaning some boxes and thought they were pretty. Maybe you already have them.

People know we are home now and the telephone has started. The office staff gave a small dinner for Larsens on Monday night. They have gone to Wisconsin to spend some time in a cottage their sister-in-law owns. They will rest there for awhile and then he won't do any work at the University until the second semester. I guess it was kind of sad when they moved his furniture out of his office.

B drove to a school meeting at Indianapolis yesterday but was home before 10:00 last night. He said he was on the road longer than he was in the meeting. It was a beautiful day and I would have gone for the ride if there hadn't been so much to do here.

We've been enjoying all the food you gave us at home. I still have a tomato or two and peppers beside the potatoes & apples. The apples have kept fine. The sweet potatoes peel so easily--one is enough for a meal.

It has been cold here, too. We have had the furnace on several times.  I must get busy. The morning is almost gone and I want to polish the furniture this morning.

Hope both of you are fine."

                    Lots of love,



  1. This entry is dated Sept 4th 1965 which was our wedding day.
    I found the telephones interesting, the
    old rotary dial 'phones were so much better quality than the modern plasticky ones we have now. A nice reminder.

  2. My family's day on Sept. 4, 1965 was certainly ordinary compared to yours!

    I agree with you about the phones. We didn't have a wall phone, just the black dial phone in a little alcove in the kitchen. Which means phone conversations were never very private since the kitchen was the center of the universe!


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