Friday, December 12, 2014

September 25, 1965 The Rain, Rain, Rain, The Busy Sunday, The Dinner and The Basement

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"While I rest a bit, I'll just write to you. We have the potluck group here tonight so I have been cleaning. The carpet has had a real test this week and I don't think it is going to show dirt very much. The weather has been just terrible this week--rain, rain, rain. And that means mud for the kids can't get in and out of their school without getting in mud. A new highway is going in beside the school & the dirt constantly washes over the walks. It is a mess. We are less than three blocks from school but we have to go so far around to take the kids when it is raining that it takes thirty minutes to get them there.

Our Pen Women meetings started last Sunday. It was so hot and now it is real cool. The furnace has been going. The sun is out, though and that helps.

We also went to two receptions last Sunday so it was a busy day.

I sewed a little this week but can't seem to get much done. There are too many interruptions. I had company come two mornings and As You Like It Club started their year on Thursday. I'm president and I don't enjoy being an officer at all. Everyone is expected to take her turn so there isn't much I can do about it. Everything has to be done as it has been for 50 years (and it actually is 50 years old) and that's a little hard sometimes--for me, anyway.

The dinner for Larsens was Monday night and we went to that. It was really nice and Art was very grateful.

I have also been pretty busy dipping water out of the basement like everyone else in town. We had more than we've ever had and it is all seepage. Lots of people had sewer water. If we ever find time we're going to see about some water proofing. There is a company in Decatur that does it and we want to talk to them. So far, the water hasn't hurt anything but we must get something done before it does. That floor tile was really put down right.

I haven't done a thing to the chair yet. Every time I think I can get started something happens. I must get it done before the weather gets cold, though.

We still have potatoes you gave us and I've been cooking a lot of them, too.  That box was awfully big, but they are keeping real well.

I'd better get going with the sweeper, so bye for now."

                         Lots of love,


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