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September 19, 1965 The Wind and Rain, The Dacron Shantung, The Linoleum and The First Football Game

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It has been so hot today and yesterday all of us were puffing. We always have some of this kind of weather every fall but it is hard to take after the nice days. We have been so lucky about the storms, though. They have dipped all around us but all we have had is wind and rain. I felt sorry for the college kids on registration day. They had to stand in line in pouring rain & there wasn't anything else they could do.

I finished Ann's dress so she could wear it the first day. It was real pretty and she likes it. Then I started a plain dress for myself--blue dacron shantung I ordered from Sears last summer.  I made a jacket, too, so I can wear it late this fall. The dress is sleeveless. I still haven't cut out the dress from the material I bought at Plimmers but want to get it made right away.

The girl next door left her baby with me one morning while she went to register for classes. The baby is so sweet but she wasn't very happy with me and I didn't get a thing done.

I'm sorry about your linoleum. Maybe you'll get used to it. We have one place on ours that we don't like, too. It looks like a ridge but there isn't one there. You can see it but you can't feel it & it measures flat--sounds silly, doesn't it? The floor man came to look at it but couldn't explain it. I'm not going to let it bother me. There are too may other things to think about.

Edna and Woody Sorensen were in town this weekend. They came to a church affair. Woody was chairman of the building committee when a new Lutheran church was started several years ago. Now it is finished and they came back for a banquet. They took a group of us out to lunch today & then went back to Rock Island this afternoon.

Ann has started her organ lessons again but not piano yet. She goes to the Methodist church again for her lessons and I'm so glad. It is much more convenient and of course, it is a fine organ.

From The Index, ISU Yearbook, 1965
We are going to the first football game tonight. Bob & Malcolm went to the Lake this afternoon & are staying as long as they can. They may be late for the game but I don't blame them for wanting to ski while they can.

I opened some of the beets this week. They are so good.

Hope you both are fine."

                      Lots of love,


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