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September 12, 1965 The Big Things, The Little Things, The Apple Crisp and The New Faculty

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"The big things are all done, at last.  There are lots of little things I still want to do (like cleaning cabinets, etc.) but maybe they'll get done by spring. The house looks very pretty and we are real happy with all of it. I'll try to remember to put in a scrap of the carpet so you can see the color. There were some scraps left big enough for throw rugs & Sears will finish the edges for us. They can be used in doorways & in front of the couch & should help keep the carpet clean

This week has seemed a month long. B was home Labor Day & we spent the whole day and till late that night doing the little bit of papering in the bathroom. We were worn out when we finished because it was hard to do. There isn't any border at the top and of course it had to be right where it met the tile. After we finished that we had to move furniture & go over the floors with a damp mop for the carpet came the next morning.

I couldn't do much while the carpet men were here so I just sat in the kitchen and worked on my table cloth. It is almost done.

Ann's birthday dress is about half done. She wants to wear it the first day of school so I'll try to finish it. I am putting a cream colored collar on it and I think it will be real pretty.

The kids are restless and certainly ready for school to begin. The other schools are already in session.

I made an apple crisp this week and then stewed the rest of the apples. We liked them that way but they sure need lots of sugar. You would like the apple crisp. Just fill a pyrex cake pan with sliced apples. Then cover them with a crumbly mixture made of 1 cup brown sugar, a cup flour, a stick oleo & some cinnamon. Bake it at 350┬║ until the apples are done--that takes about 45 minutes, I think. It's good hot or cold and a dab of ice cream on it is real good. I added a little white sugar to the apples before I put on the topping because they are sour but you don't have to do this with Jonathans.

B has gone back to school for the second time today. The new faculty had a meeting this morning. There are 160 new ones and this meeting this afternoon is for half of the Freshmen & their parents. The other half will meet tomorrow afternoon & the entire student body will have a convocation Wed. night.

It is real chilly today. We are going to Malcolm's folks for supper & I guess I'll wear a suit. This is the hardest time of the year to dress.

Hope both of you are feeling fine."

                    Lots of love,


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