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October 31, 1965 The Big Ordinary House, The Smaller Children, The Old Centerpiece and The Change of Pace

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"No one is up yet but none of us ever seem to get enough sleep nowadays. Yesterday we got up early and went to Rock Island to see Edna & Woody. It is a 2½ hr. drive so the day couldn't be too long but we enjoyed it and the day was beautiful. The school owns the house they live in but they have done the decorating and have the same furniture they had here except for some extra things they needed to fill the house. It is a very big house but very ordinary. Rock Island is hilly & the house sits on the edge of a big hill overlooking part of the campus. Edna & Woody are real happy there.

The kids were all out trick or treating last night. I lost count but we had a lot of them--all smaller children.

Once I got started on that comforter it didn't take too long to finish it. The tacking went faster than I thought it would. Bob says it is so ugly it will keep us awake but I think it looks pretty nice.

That old centerpiece you gave me has really come in handy. I have used it all fall and have had so many compliments on it. The colors are just right with the walnut table.

I have started knitting a sweater out of the leftover yarn I have. Ann & I will wear it--well probably just Ann. It is going to be real gay but I found a pattern that would use up yarn I already had so that's what I'm doing.

Ann liked her guitar all right but not enough to practice & get to where she could really play. If it had been a plain guitar she probably would have been playing it & never thought of selling it. She wouldn't have that kind though when we bought it.  Bob does pretty well with his. We told her she should buy a plain guitar with the money but she doesn't seem interested. The piano & organ are plenty for her to practice anyway.

Images Ladies Home Journal, Oct. 1965
Bob will be lucky if he gets to go to school where he chooses. He'll do all right on the tests but the schools take a certain number of freshmen and always have two or three times that number of applicants. Then they choose the best prospects. It is hard on everybody.

B is going to Minn. but he hopes to get there without driving. His expenses will be paid but it will be hard work.

B had a letter from Art on Monday or Tuesday and Mayo found nothing wrong but fatigue. Art said he felt better already. Isn't that wonderful? A change of pace and rest will take care of it in time. They are coming home today or tomorrow.

I can hear Ann up so will say bye. Hope both of you are fine."

                       Lots of love,


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