Saturday, December 13, 2014

October 3, 1965 The Furnace, The Little Chair, The Old Tablecloth, The Faculty and The Wives

Dear Mother & Daddy,,

"It is a beautiful, cool day. We have had to have the furnace on most of this week and had more rain. It didn't come in this time, though.

I started working on the little chair this week. That's the messiest and hardest job I ever saw. There was more varnish on it than one would think and I worked all afternoon. I still don't have it all off but am going to try sanding. I won't have to do that outdoors but it may take me all winter.

We had our potluck group here last Saturday night. My table seats 12 people nicely but my tablecloths are too short. B's mom gave me an old linen one long ago that is extra long and luckily I hadn't cut it off and it is just right. My other cloths will be all right with one leaf up. I couldn't find any table padding long enough either so just used a sheet. Then I ordered some cotton flannel padding from Sears. It came today and is real nice (and about half the price of the pieces I did find in Bloomington).

We went to Sunday School but didn't stay for church last week. We have never seen the old man but a big crowd went and then went to a tea for him that afternoon. We went to school that afternoon to a reception for new faculty. Our student union was so big looking when it was built but it was jammed Sunday--so many new faces. There are about 150 new teachers and with their wives they made a good sized crowd.

I hope Beulah doesn't decide to sell her piano if you don't take it. Charlotte will want her organ one of these days & then Beulah would wish for the piano. I would like to see the old organ. One of my old friends has one and it is real pretty. The piano would be awfully heavy for you and Daddy to worry with. It would need to be tuned after you move it, too.

Bob started taking guitar lessons this week. He goes to Bloomington on Tuesday evening and seems to be enjoying them. He is going out to Bruce's to help put up hay this afternoon. It really is a nice day to work outdoors.

Tomorrow is Beulah's birthday but I haven't had a chance to get her package off.

I'd better get myself cleaned up.  Hope you both are fine."

                  Lots of love,


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