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October 24, 1965 The Tablecloth, The Japanese Comforter, The Applications and The Surprise

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"You'd better hang out the flag or something because I finally finished that tablecloth and have it done up & put away. I went after some yarn but they didn't have anything I wanted right now so will wait a bit.

Today is a beautiful, crisp day. B is putting up the last of the storm windows and replacing some weatherstripping. We had to have glass replaced in two storm windows and they were $9 each.

This was homecoming weekend so there was a lot going on. The kids had company for lunch yesterday and then we went to the football game. The day started out bright and pretty but clouds blew in before the parade was over and it was blue cold and grey the rest of the day.

I am trying to recover that big Japanese comforter (futon) and it's a job. I bought the material last summer but couldn't get started on it. The material had to be matched which hasn't made it any easier. I didn't think of that when I bought it. I'll tack it when I get the cover on and it should last another 10 years.

I have a light weight suit cut out, too, but no telling when I'll get any sewing done on it.

I don't remember what I've told you about Bob's college applications.  Anyway, his Yale application is complete except for tests in Dec. and Jan.  B took him to Peoria Thursday afternoon for a personal interview with a banker there. We don't know what the man will report on Bob but Bob thought he was very nice--especially since the man had some of the same interests--oceanography and the guitar, for example. The tests in Dec. & Jan. have to be taken for any college so Bob will have to just wait now until March or April before he knows where he will be accepted. He plans also to apply to Florida State but hasn't received any blanks yet.

Ann sold her guitar. We were completely surprised but when we got home from church last week the kid had come after it and she had the money.

B had a letter from Art this week and the Drs. haven't found anything wrong (except age) yet. Maybe it will just be fatigue after all.   We hope so.

It doesn't look as if we can plan anything for Thanksgiving. B is going to a college in Wisconsin or Minnesota to study their program the first part of that week and we don't know when he will be home--maybe not until Thanksgiving day. He is one of a team checking to see if this school is up to par. It is an awful chore for the team & the school but has to be done every so often to keep standards up. We had one last year here and the school worked five years getting ready for it.

Hope you both are fine."

                       Lots of love,


NOTES:  I don't know how to photograph the tablecloth and do it justice.  No wonder it took years to complete.  The repeating pattern of the border (similar to the small section on the left) extends along the entire perimeter and the tablecloth is 66 x 120.  There are a dozen napkins with the same pattern in a tiny version.

As for the futon, it has lasted 60 years.  Here is its story:  http://www.annbkennedy.blogspot.com/2012/12/november-28-december-1-1953-mino-park.html

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